Paper Wreaths

[All images+paper wreath by Mo. Paper wreath made with paper from...a Paper Source catalog, the 2007 calendar from Good on Paper, red polka-dot vellum, floral origami paper, and paper flowers from Paper Source's flower kit]

I don't remember when I was introduced to Haru's paper wreaths, but I do remember that I was immediately awed by how they utilized recycled paper and were so spectacularly unique and beautiful. What a great way to make something gorgeous out of paper that's just lying around! Under my desk, I have what I call my "craft box" which is code for "the leftovers from old art projects" and which isn't really a box but a big storage crate I got at Target. Last week as I was kicking the craft box while working at my desk, I got really ambitious and decided to make my own wreath. After making a royal mess on my living room table and peeling shards of dried mod podge off my fingers for a week, I finally finished! And I hung it up!

I guess you could say this wreath is an ode to Paper Source. The flowers are from a paper flower kit from Paper Source, the red polka-dot vellum is from Paper Source (leftover from holiday cards I made,) and the meat of the wreath is made up of pages from the wedding invitation catalog from Paper Source. As you can blatantly see, I'm really missing my favorite store since one doesn't exist in San Diego. Yay for paper wreaths, I think I'll make another one soon!

You can see Haru's gorgeous paper wreaths and purchase them at her Etsy store here.



hyperartpro said...

How lovely! It totally livens up the white wall.

I'm totally missing Paper Source too. How can they not open one in SD?!?!

Angie said...

sugoi!!!! hopefully i will get to see it in person when I come back in the fall! that is so creative, and such a great use for leftover scraps. I have a box of random paper too that I accumulate from pretty paper I see in the mail, or packaging from gifts/snacks (the japanese LOVE to wrap just about anything...). But I never get around to getting crafty, so my collection keeps getting bigger and messier. Maybe someday I will get motivated to make something!!

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