Becoming an Adult: Organizing My Apt

The Boy and I sit on patio furniture in our dining area. Our bedside tables are those plastic drawer thingies you get at Target. My files are in this red accordion folder, and no, not all my files are in there. Some of them are just shoved into this Illuminations bag from two Christmases ago. We have a walk-in closet but I can barely walk into it.

Needless to say, I'm in my mid-twenties and I think I need to graduate from the plastic drawer thingies and copious amounts of stuff that fall into the "at one point I really loved this and now I do not use it" category.

I'm sure once I clean everything up my cat will be really sad. She hides behind all of the stuff we pile up and pretends she's living in a jungle.

I'm inspired by this post and this one about closet organization from one of my new favorite blogs, What I Wore. Every morning, Jessica of What I Wore takes a picture of her outfit, and every outfit is so so cute! What I like best is that Jessica writes where each piece came from, and a lot of times they are from places that are accessible to poor broke me, like Target and H&M. It's a good place to steal ideas and think about what I should keep or ditch in my wardrobe. But first I have to get rid of the plastic drawer thingies.

[Image of scarves by Jessica Schroeder at What I Wore]


The City Sage said...

Hi Mo! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me to yours--I LOVE it! And I'm so pleased you liked my pink board. My baby sister likes that one best too...

I totally hear you about reaching a point where you have to commit to 'adult' storage furniture. It can be really expensive, especially when you buy quality pieces made to last--which is so key when you're dealing with moving pieces like drawers (and which pretty much eliminates Ikea from the picture as every Ikea dresser I've ever had has fallen apart). Plus whenever I've had the money to invest in a nice piece, a great chair or lamp is so much more exciting than...snooze...a filing cabinet.

Fortunately, tag sales, flea markets, and especially Goodwill are great places to get old dressers and chests, and if you're into DIY's it doesn't take much more than a coat of paint to spruce them up!

Mo said...

Oooh yes, flea markets and Goodwill are great! I will have a fun and productive weekend searching for 'grown up' furniture. =)
Glad I found your blog too, it's got lots of eye candy!

One Love Photo said...

NIce tip, I will be visitng this site for clothing inspiration. Now that I am working at home I am in a bit of a sweat pant rut but I could go for some CUTE pj's!

Mo said...

Working from home...in pj's...such bliss! I'm totally jealous.

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