Let's Get This Wedding Thing Started

I'm going to be m.i.a for about 5 days because we're doing our wedding trip, and hopefully when I come back, we'll have a venue to call ours and this whole planning thing can actually go somewhere! Yes!

Today I semi-panicked talking to a coworker who is also getting married in 2010. Here's how it went.

Me: So, have you been looking at any venues?
CW: Oh yeah, we already set a date at XXX for 2010.
Me: Oh cool...that's really nice to get things out of the way so soon.
CW: Yeah...Well, they only had one date available in 2010 so we had to act fast.

**Blinks twice, slowly looks up from cup of coffee**

Me: ...I'm sorry...one date?? Like, one date in the month you wanted, or one date the entire year of 2010?
CW: No, no, one date for all of 2010. It's all they had so we took it. Where are you getting married?
Me: Oh...um, we have several possibilities...that I hope are still possible. Heh.
**Scratches head**
Well, um, I'll see you later!

**Quickly throws away trash and bounces back to computer silently hoping all of 2010 isn't completely booked for all venues in California**

See you next week!


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Good luck! I'm sure there's LOTS of venues out there with dates you want! Don't let your co-worker panic you. :)


Good luck! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Cyd said...

We had a similar scenario booking our 2009 date even though we booked 13 months in advance...it will all work out, best of luck!

Krista said...

They are not all booked yet. Trust me - it'll be fine.

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