We're Going Places

A lot of places actually. In about a week, I'm taking some vacation days and we're heading up north to the San Francisco Bay Area to take a look at some venues, meet a possible photographer, try on dresses and eat a bunch of cupcakes...y'know, just in case we DO decide to have it in the Bay and need to know what four of the local cupcakeries have to offer to us. Mmmhmm. You can probably guess whose idea it was to go to four bakeries.

Anyway, it's a lot to accomplish in four days (and a lot of driving) but I am so excited. I'm excited to be close to finally deciding where we are going to get married. Because I still have the dilemma of what city to have the event.

Do we have it in the city that we currently live in, or the city where all of our family lives? I would say more than 75% of our guest list lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is a good one hour plane ride or eight hour drive from our itty bitty apartment in San Diego.

Do we make it convenient for us, or convenient for them? And if we made it convenient for us, would everyone hate us for being selfish and making them spend the weekend in San Diego?

I'll probably take a tip from the Gilmores and do a pro/con list, but in the meantime I'm just going to enjoy all of the pretty places we are going to visit and seeing my family for the first time since the engagement.

Here's where we are headed:

1. The Outdoor Art Club

2. The UC Berkeley Botanical Garden

[Photo by Don Prichard Photography via UC Botanical Gardens]

You can see it in all its glory here.

3. The Dunsmuir Hellman Historic Estate

4. The Headlands Center for the Arts

[Photo by Once Photography]

You might recognize this venue from here.

5. The Brazilian Room

You may have seen the Brazilian Room here.

Has anyone gotten married or attended a wedding at any of these venues?


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I'm a little bit in love with the Berkeley Botanical Gardens. Beautiful. I love Berkeley...cute town. My favourite Japanese place is there..Kirala!

Mo said...

Oooh PB! The boy and I met in Berkeley and he lived right down the street from Kirala! We loved it there as well.

jennifer said...

I work at Here Comes The Guide, so I wanted to say thanks for your links. Very kind of you.

Second, I think planning a wedding from afar is easier than ever and I can tell from your blog that it really would be a natural for you. (And again--quite thoughtful. My husband & I actually spent more money attending some friends' wedding that we spent on our own wedding. In a certain phase of your life you get a lot of wedding invitations and it starts to add up!)

This is a tough call, though!

My husband and I knew we'd have a 50/50 split of Bay Area and NY-NJ guests. We had our wedding in SF and a month later had a very casual backyard party in NJ--as it turned out, we had more guests in NJ. I haven't read enough of your blog to know if you've considered that, too: wedding in SD and casual party in Bay Area.

Perhaps you just have to pick the location that you love best...and you've picked some sweet ones here.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

He lived down the street from Kirala??!!!! Ohmygod. I'm so jealous. 3 words. Baby Lobster Tail. My friend went to Berkeley and I went out to visit her a lot. Maybe you should have it in Berkeley...to commemorate where you met!

Mo said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful response. Honestly, without Here Comes the Guide, I wouldn't know four out of five of these venues. Your site has really helped me!

We will for sure have a Chinese banquet in the Bay Area, so that is definitely a consideration if we wanted a party here as well.
These events are tough when you've got a big ol' Chinese family.

Thanks again for your advice and sharing your story, I'll keep everyone posted on what we decide!

Mo said...

PB: Ok don't kill me but I don't think we ever ordered the baby lobster tail. But it sounds like something cute! Next time, I'm ordering it.

Your friend must be way cool because we both went to UC Berkeley too. =)

It certainly has a special place in our hearts so it would be nice to have our wedding there.

Anonymous said...

Those all look like amazing places!

Krista said...

Great venues. #2 is my favourite!

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