Things That Happened To Me This Week

+ Something very exciting happened to me, but I'm going to wait to divulge to keep it a surprise. I know, you're on the edge of your seat to find out. Don't lie. I can tell you that it's wedding-related, but that's all I'm revealing. I swear. You just gotta hold your horses for a few weeks.

+ I had a really embarrassing/traumatic experience at work yesterday. I was walking back from lunch, and as I was walking past some offices, someone opened a door which hit me in the head and knocked me over. You know those slapstick comedies in which someone is riding a bike or on roller blades or jogging and all of the sudden slips and falls or hits a tree branch or an anvil hits them? Well, I'm pretty sure it looked something like that, except there was no laughing and it totally hurt!
I had a massive headache and nausea, and the boy actually picked me up from work. We called the nurse to make sure it wasn't a concussion, and then he brought me home with some tylenol and ice cream.

There's a sign on that door now warning people to open it slowly.

+ My mother didn't like the dress.

[Image from Christos]

I know, Krista, I was really disappointed too. What's a girl to do?
Back to the dressing room...

+ I bought more gocco supplies and a brand new scanner! I may just devote an entire post to random things I can scan later.

Phew. On top of everything, the boy has finals which unfortunately affects my sleeping pattern too. Attached at the hip indeed.

But thank goodness it's Friday. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!




Wow! You certainly did have a loooong week! I hope ur feeling better after ur incident yesterday :) Oh, and btw, I LOVE ur dress...sorry about ur mom. Can't wait to hear the exciting news. Have a good one!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Ouch! Hope you're doing better. LOVE the dress. Sigh. Sorry to hear your mom wasn't a fan. But I thin you have stunning taste.

Krista said...

Oh, I am sooo disappointed. That sucks! I loved that dress.

Brandy said...

Oh so sad your mom didn't like the dress! It's really beautiful!
I'm glad your ok! Door to face could have easily ended with concussion or broken nose or worse!

Mo said...

Thanks for the support girls. =)
The Baskin Robbins ice cream made everything better.

Carly said...

I understand the attached at the hip thing. My FI and I are totally on the same sleeping pattern! He has been working crazy hours and coming home at 3am. I'm not a fan of it!

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