I LOVE carving pumpkins. I had a couple of girlfriends come over and carve them with me. I'm really slow, mine is in the middle, next to theirs which were finished way before mine.
So I stayed outside for another hour or so to finish my pumpkin. My heart sank when the boy came in and said "ohhh, that's a really cool jack-o-lantern. Where are the eyes?" 

Please tell me you can tell it's an owl. You can tell, right? 

At work we had our annual costume contest, the prize being a half day at work. Everyone gets the half day, so it's all in good fun. 
I made a jelly fish costume out of an umbrella and some plastic bags around the house. This is how it came out: 

There is an entire Flickr pool devoted to jelly fish costumes here. Totally fun to "swish" around in, and best of all, it cost nothing!

I can sense us getting older when I would rather go eat a pumpkin-themed French dinner than head over to the university's annual bash with free alcohol. If we decide to go out tomorrow, I might have to purchase that hot pink dress I saw at Target today to go with the jelly fish. 

Otherwise, I'll take pictures of the pumpkin dinner and post them for all of you. 




anko said...

i saw the first picture of the pumpkin trio and wondered, "why wouldn't she make an owl one?"... then i scrolled down and realized you had! super cute, monnee! and i love your jellyfish umbrella :) have a happy halloweeeeeen. meow!

Tracy-Girl said...

Happy Halloween! I love the pumpkin carving!


love your pumpkin! and i can totally tell it's an owl have a happy halloween!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

um, it's TOTALLY owl!! and your costumedrout...so creative.

rachel said...

Yes, I can definitely tell that's an owl :)

Have a fantastic rest of your weekend!

buhdoop said...

I love carving pumpkins! We didn't get to this year, but it is a definite Halloween favorite. I have something for you on my blog :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Wait, how did you wear that jellyfish costume??

And I can totally tell it's an owl. Very cool!

Mo said...

@K@Blog Goggles: It's a pink umbrella. =)

anna and the ring said...

You have mad skills girl!!

honey my heart said...

hope your halloween was fab! your pumpkins were cute and that one did look like an owl. also love your jelly fish costume idea, totally creative.

blushingjoy said...

It's sooo an owl!! What did u ended up doing on Halloween???

Emily said...

You are so creative! And, yes, I can definitely tell it's an owl. Looking forward to seeing recipes from that pumpkin dinner.

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