Dressing the Boy

[Dot tie by Donald Trump--on sale now for $34.99!; Silk tie by Giorgio Armani; Woven tie from Thomas Pink]

The boy's engagement shoot outfit was chosen in a frantic rush in downtown San Francisco in which we hustled from one Zara to another right before closing. I couldn't blog about it at the time because I was keeping our engagement session a secret. Looking back, it was a pretty hilarious two hours of keeping him in the dressing room and me throwing any item of clothing that was an xs/s over the door. I felt like I was on America's Next Personal Shopper Superstar; the excitement of actually being able to pick out his clothes must have been fueling all that energy because he never. ever. lets me pick out his clothes. [By the way Zara, your tie rack is super annoying with the clamps that hold the ties in place. Makes it much more difficult to grab things and shove them at my fiance.]

Thankfully I have more than 2 hours at Zara to pick out an outfit for the wedding. After a disappointing few months of realizing that nothing fits him, we are getting a suit tailored. [Anyone else who is running into this issue with buying a suit--PM if you want to commiserate with me!] The suit [I think, like 70% sure] is going to be blue and slim fit. Now I just need a shirt and tie.

I'm thinking a red tie will be nice with the blue, but I don't want him looking like a politician, so I'm on the hunt for a skinny red tie. Plus, the skinny just looks better on a small frame. Sadly, none of the above are skinny, so I'm on the look out.

Are you picking out clothes for your partner? Does your partner dress you? Tie or bow-tie?


honey my heart said...

i love the idea of a blue suit! it's so cool! and i hope you find the perfect red, skinny tie (i really like skinny ties on guys). the hubs let me tag along on his suit shopping trip and give input, but he had the final choice. i did get the final choice on his tie ;) it's so cool that you get to help w/ the entire look and style :)

Jaelyn said...

my guy and i are definitely in a dilemma as well... we've come to realize that suits don't generally come in 36S. we found a great charcoal one on j.crew but it was just a bit long... in all the hard places to hem. it was quite the steal though... on sale and an extra 30% off during the holiday shopping frenzy.
where are you having the boy's suit tailored? we just may have to go custom as well.

blushingjoy said...

Had this etsy seller saved up as a favourites because of their ties, you might wanna check them out?


I like both skinny and bow ties! They're both so different so it'll depend on the style we go for.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

The blue suit sounds great!

Here's a link - hope it helps.

$30 is pretty good and it's definitely skinny!

Mo said...

@blushingjoy and chic n' cheap:
Thanks for the links ladies! I'm a sucker for the "This is not a tie" from Etsy, and $30 for a silk tie can't be beat. We have some time, otherwise I don't think I could stomach paying $100 for a Thomas Pink tie.

carolina said...

I'm certainly no stranger to shopping for smaller than small shirts for boys--though I haven't done so in a while. I recommend hitting Club Monaco. They've got two different labels for button shirts. One of the two comes nice and fitted. They sell suits too...but I don't know how small they go there.

SeriousCraft.com said...

You should go to Japan for suits. :P EVERY salaryman has damn hot suits on. Even Eric wanted to buy one there!


I know, I'm not being that helpful. >_<

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