How Many Cupcakes Would You Eat?

[Cupcake tower from Sprinkles Cupcakes]

Say you're a guest. You've just finished your first glass of wine, had your picture taken at the photo station, signed the guest book, found your table with a bunch of people you may or may not know, danced a little to Billy Idol, and then you turn around and see a a table full of Sprinkles Cupcakes.

Being the polite guest that you are, you wait until the bride and groom eat theirs first (naturally,) and then you proceed to:

a. ignore the cupcakes. Ew. Cupcakes.
b. ask a friend to share one with you.
c. eat one.
d. eat two.
e. eat three.*
f. none of the above, I'm going to grab one of your goodie bags and steal as many as I can to bring back to the hotel.

Ok, but seriously, if you had 150 guests, how many cupcakes would you order? And which flavor would you absolutely insist I must have? Red velvet and black and white are already on the list. If I can get mocha, we're throwing that one into the mix too.

*my sister's response


Jonezy said...

Since it's a wedding I would be "good" and eat just one--unless I saw that at the end of the night their were more just sitting there calling my name. lol So I would say for 150 guests, 200 cupcakes might be a good number?

Megan said...

I'm pretty sure Sprinkles cupcakes would be hard to resist, but I would probably just get one and force my husband to get a different flavor and then split them.
How many would I want though? Three.
But I really really like cupcakes.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I would immediately down like two...at least! Okay, maybe just one. Maybe add chai latte or the Lemon Coconut? Are you doing this in addition to dessert? Some cupcake places do cupcake minis/babies (e.g. Vanilla Bake Shop - which I know is not close to the wedding venue) - this might be more cost effective? Mmmm. I so want a cupcake now.

Chocolate Lover said...

While I would try to be "polite" truth is I might end up with 2! One of each flavor you have already picked! Those are my faves so I would say don't add another flavor (or else people like me would be tempted to try that too!). I think around 200 for 150 people is a good estimate too.

Emily said...

I just wrote a post for EAD on our own cupcake tower! (Should be published later this week.) We ordered 150 cupcakes for about 135 guests. Favorite flavor combos: chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and white cake with coconut frosting.

Naomi said...

I would probably have two. But it also depends on the size of the cupcakes. And the flavors. If you had mocha, I would need two (mocha and red velvet). For other flavors, I go with coconut, but some people might be allergic to nuts.

Dayseye said...

I'd eat at least one and depending on the amount leftover, eat two. One way to gauge is to look at the ratio of adults (e.g., the older Chinese folks who will say it's too sweet) to kids (e.g. people your age who will most likely eat the cupcakes). Minus one per adult and plus 2 for each kid...hehehe...


yum i'm hungry now! i'd go with one for sure...i can't eat too much of a sweet thing at once. i think coconut or lemon or even carrot with cream cheese could be good. oh and i'd go with maybe 180ish - 200 for 150.

anko said...

if you had three flavors, i would prob find a way to try all three (either i eat all three, or find someone to share it with).

Luxeville said...

My friend allowed everyone 2 at the reception... some only wanted one. It worked out.

On our way out, we got a little Chinese takeout box with another kind of cupcake in it-- it was the groom's cake.

So, they technically accounted for everyone having 3 total... but I thought it was a cute idea.

Westside Wedding said...

Great question! We are doing cupcakes too, & I did not even think about getting more than 1 for each, but seeing what people are saying it's almost like we are suppose to get 2 per person. I would eat 1 because I would have assumed there was 1 per person. I went to a wedding over the summer & they had a lot of cupcakes left over, probably over 40 for a wedding of 200 people.

Missy May said...

I would eat 2 cupcakes!
I can't eat too much of a sweet thing, if I do I will feel sick, but those cupcakes sound too good. My favorite flavor is lemon! Yummy!
-Missy May

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Dawn's estimate sounds good.

We'd probably have 3 for the 2 of us. I like variety. :)

Hmmm how about carrot or banana? I tried pistachio once and it was divine as well.

buhdoop said...

How expensive are those puppies? One person quoted me like $3-4 each.

Taking that into account, I think %10-15 over the amount of guests you expect should be good.

That way if more come you still have a little. So with 150 guests around 165-175 cupcakes should be more than enough.

Mo said...

Thanks for all the input! I really wanted a Sprinkles cupcake at the end of yesterday. :X

It seems that people usually have leftovers, so I am hesitant to get too many, but then again I don't want too few. 200 for 150 sounds good to me, although I suppose getting 225 just in case wouldn't hurt either.

@Luxeville: Wow, three cupcakes! What a sweet treat to bring home.

@buhdoop: They are $3 each. We were quoted $2.50 at some places, but I just didn't like the cupcakes as much. They weren't as moist. I have also seen as high as $4.25 (that was with fancy decoration) so it really varies. I've seen minis for $1.25 to 2.50.

Glo said...

I love cake... just love it.

I would take 2, have Ernie take 2 and have Sophie take 2 and then eat all of them. =)

Mmmm... cake...

honey my heart said...

as a guest, i would eat one :)

at our wedding we ordered 1 cupcake for each guest and our baker gave us 10% extra (in case more are consumed or a few fall/get messed up), for a total of 143 cupcakes. we did the 'cake cutting', had an ice cream bar, and once the reception was complete, we still had 40 cupcakes leftover! it seemed like we wasted money because we ordered so many, but we got to send our bridal party home with some and had a bunch to eat for the next few days. it was nice :) our flavors were: White Cake with Strawberry Butter Cream, Almond Cake with Blueberry Butter Cream, Chocolate with Hazelnut, and Brownie with Dark Chocolate Ganache. i highly recommend butter cream in lieu of frosting since it doesn't harden :) mmm, yum. i'm hungry now ;)

buhdoop said...

Thank you so much for the break down! We weren't sure if that number (quoted to us) was reasonable or too high. 200 cupcakes sounds good. Plus leftover cupcakes can always be frozen :)

Jessamyn Harris said...

okay, I would only eat one out of politeness, but I COULD eat three. and have. um, only at my sister in law's wedding, and only because we were cleaning up and I was afraid they would get thrown away?
but not everyone rolls like me, ha ha! :) I promise not to eat 3 at your wedding.

suyen said...

I would just eat one, unless there are leftovers! :D But I'm obsessed with cupcakes, so that's going to be hard! If you already have red velvet, then I'd say lemon cupcakes would be nice to throw in the mix, too! :) I love your blog, btw! :D

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