Be Mine, just not on Valentine's Day

[I'm not sure how anyone could hate a holiday that puts puppies on chocolate boxes. These are 99 cents at Target!]

Dontcha just love Valentine's Day? I used to relish every V-Day in school, in which I would make my own cards and pepper the paper with a lot of vomit-inducing cuteness, like bears hugging or sparkly hearts. (LOVE Valentine's Day.) The other great part about Valentine's Day was looking at all the cards and candies at the end of the day, the same glee and joy felt once you empty out your pillow case full (yes, I was a hardcore trick or treater with a pillow case,) of candy at Halloween. And when I got older (and by older I mean after my awkward stage,) it was a great excuse to get pretty, go on a date, and have boys perform chivalrous acts that I never really fully admit to liking as a feminist...well okay I guess now I'm admitting it. I like having the door opened for me even though I am fully capable of opening my own door. But don't tell anyone.

The boy on the other hand did not grow up cutting up doilies and adding glitter and perfume to envelopes for that extra special something, nor did he like to send his friends candy grams with cute messages attached. In fact he likes to remind me that "Valentine's Day is another way for corporate America to make you spend more than you actually need to" and then he likes to add that "he's not buying flowers or going out that day" in protest of this "unnecessary" holiday that "puts pressure on males everywhere". 

So, since I am so obviously not getting a dozen red roses on Valentine's Day, please share your romance with me. What are your plans for Valentine's Day?? Will you be my valentine?

Or, is anyone in agreement with the boy and think Valentine's Day is Stoopid with a capital S?


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I'll be your valentine my dear! I don't really know if we're doing anything and that's fine. However since the husband didn't get me a Christmas or birthday present, can I pull the Valentine's day card and ask for the Chanel bag I've been stalking?

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

Hah... I guess it's a split between who got to go on those dates and who didn't. I didn't so I'm sorry!, but I'm more on the boy's side here. :/ I did love getting cards, candies, prezzies, and the occasional rose from friends and family, though!

Lillian (Unstitched.) said...

Hehe, awww. I loved that part of Valentine's Day too - how every year, in school, we would all exchange cards and I would take home a box of cute red and pink cards (but maybe that was also, in part, my love of stationary :).
I still like Valentine's Day, but I try to celebrate it a different week, because it just gets SO crazy on the actual day (my boy, in an attempt to be romantic, took me to Vegas for a special dinner on our first Valentine's Day, and it was so expensive and so crowded, that we decided it wasn't worth it - that we'd celebrate a week earlier and just stay in on the day :)

dethbakin said...

Mo, I feel exactly like you about Valentine's Day, and my boy feels exactly like your boy! I brought this up again just last night, and he agreed to an awesome dinner at home and Paris Je T'Aime on V-Day this year. How could he say not to that though?!

Petite Cabbage Press said...

It was the best as a kid when everyone decorated their shoeboxes and the class made and handed out Valentines to everyone, and sometimes they had candy attached... then high school hit and I wanted to love it, I wore pink headbands and jewelry and tights (limited pink choices with a school uniform) but then if the boy I liked was spotted getting flowers for someone else... it would be too much for me. Even if I was in a relationship... what if he forgot? What if all my friends lockers hap candy and flowers in them (after hinting their combinations to their guys) and mine didn't? Too much pressure for a teenager! Whoa... flashback, must stop :)

This year I hope we will get out in nature for a day on Portland's Sauvie Island.

Kristin - Mrs. Glasses said...

I forgot how much fun it was to get all those candies in elementary school, and look at the cheesy cards. We've taught kids for the past 3 years, so we still make those handmade cards in our classrooms and give them to each other. How's that for sticking it to corporate America? ;) We don't really do much because we're not really a "romantic" couple per se - we'll probably just drink some wine and make our cards!

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite days of the year! I share many of your fond memories of glittered doilies and grade school crushes. I see it as a day to love and be loved!

I'm not sure exactly how L feels about V-day. I think I usually strong arm him into doing something special. But, he sucks it up and plays into my cheesiness! :)

Mo said...

@Chic n' Cheap: I think the Chanel bag is totally in order.

@Eva: I will be your date! I'm coming to Europe and going to open all doors for you, give you red roses, and tell you how your eyes sparkle in the sunlight!

@dethbakin: I think we should plan our own awesome Valentine's Day night, I bet we would woo the socks off of one another! Your boy should feel lucky you came up with a plan!

@Petite Cabbage: Ah yes, teenage anxiety, I do remember those days all too well. However come to think of it I actually don't really remember too many Valentine's Days in high school. I only remember one in which I got a shirt I wanted (clothes, always a crowd pleaser,) but the others are...fuzzy. Perhaps I've blocked them out of my memory out of embarrassment??

@Kristin: I think that sounds like a lovely day. :)

@The Less Than Domestic Goddess: L loves the cheesiness, I know he does! How could he not??

honey my heart said...

since valentine's day is 4 days after my birthday, all my childhood birthdays were valentine's day themed and i continue to love the holiday more and more each year. something about sharing love w/ friends and family makes the day special. i'm cheesy and do cards and chocolates, and am swaying my hubby to do the same ;)

love that you love valentine's day!!

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover said...

Mo - I'd be sure to love Valentine's Day then... it'd end up being my favorite day (even more so than my birthday), ha!

I, too, absolutely loved Valentine's Day in elementary school with the boxes. Everyone made Valentine's Day cards for everyone and that was lovely. : P

Anonymous said...

Stoopid with a capital S!

My husband and I always celebrate in February... Just not on V-day. We usually go out to dinner on a few days before or after 2/14.

My husband loved V-day for one reason only - the candy. Otherwise, we kind of try to ignore it.

MayLove said...

I agree that I think Valentine's Day has become a total Hallmark holiday, and it's a lot of unnecessary pressure to spend money. HOWEVER, as a hard core chocolate addict I love the excuse to get a nice box of chocolate, but I encourage hubs to wait until the day after when everything goes on clearance. Hubby and I always get each other a little something, and go out to dinner, but nothing over the top and it's not one sided.

joyce said...

Lol... I'm on your hub's side on this. I, too think it's just another day some dude came up with to make us spend a LOT of money on chocolates and flowers and dinners and everything else. I'm not a very romantic person, am I?

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