[pink tulips from the boy]

I get flowers from the boy when

1. It is a special occasion, like my birthday or an anniversary or Valentine's Day.

2. I am mad at him.


3. All of the above

These tulips fall into category #2, and while my 'I'm mad at you' glare could strike fear in the hearts of puppies everywhere, a bouquet of flowers (or a really cute stuffed animal) generally give me back an unwrinkled forehead and revert my evil eyes. Y'know, the flowers and the words "I'm REALLY sorry. What can I do?"

Apparently flowers do not hold the same magic for the boy. Early in our relationship, I tried to give the boy a flower once. He just told me it was nice, and then gave it back to me and told me that women don't give men flowers. (Although secretly I think he liked receiving it!)

Do you ever give your partner flowers?


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Haha, I don't give the Mr. flowers but oh gadgets are another thing!

Kristin - Mrs. Glasses said...

Hehe, that is a cute thought. Never tried to give my husband a flower, maybe I will and see what he does! I told my husband ages ago I don't like getting flowers and never have received flowers since. He knows chocolate is the way to my heart!

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

Pretty tulips! L used to get me flowers a lot during the courting phase. Now I pretty much only get them on special occasions. Hmmm...maybe I'll mention this post to him ;)

P.S. I have never gotten him flowers! Oops!

dethbakin said...

One unusual aspect of my relationship with my fiancĂ© is that we started living together at roommates before we were a couple…so as a couple, we have always lived together. He likes it when there is a bouquet of flowers in a vase around the house, so sometimes I do buy him flowers! But it's always felt like buying flowers for the house rather than for him. Actually, come to think of it, when he proposed, he gave me a beautiful, full bouquet and a single white rose. A few hours later when I was on the phone with my Mom telling her the exciting news and how it happened, he interrupted me when I said that he got a bouquet for me and a white rose. He wanted my make sure my Mom knew that the bouquet was for the house, and the rose was for me!

honey my heart said...

if i tried to give my husband flowers, he would totally think i bought them for myself and am "giving" it to him so i can ask for a favor later ;)

julia said...

Pretty flowers! I don't give DJ flowers for the reasons you stated. I have been known to pick up his favorite beer, or gourmet beef jerky, or leave a credit at his favorite video game store for him to find.

Mo said...

@Kristin: I don't turn down chocolate either. ;)

@dethbakin: Ha! I'm glad your fiance (you have a fiance!!!) appreciates a good bouquet around the house. :)

@honey my heart: That sounds familiar haha! I most likely do that with other things, like sweets, which he doesn't like eating too much.

@Julia: I think I've managed to make him speechless with a Star Wars boxed set. It sounds like DJ and the boy would get along in real life. :)

joyce said...

They're pretty! Lol... I've always wanted to send him flowers at work on our anniversary or something but I don't think he'll enjoy the ribbing he's likely to get from our friends/colleagues who works with him. I think it will be quite funny though. :)

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