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[Photos from Joyce and Ryan's registry wedding. You can check out Joyce's blog about her wedding and travels here.]

Joyce (of blushingjoy) and I have been following each other on the blogosphere for close to two years now, and I had the pleasure of meeting her and her husband Ryan this holiday season while they were honeymooning in California. After reading about their wedding planning and life in Sydney, it was absolutely wonderful meeting them in person!

We ate American-sized breakfasts at Old Vine Cafe in Costa Mesa, where Joyce met her first cinnamon roll, and we ended the meal with a big surprise. Earlier in the meal we had given up the chance to eat at a bigger table so that a family could eat there instead. The family ended up paying for our entire meal as a thank you for giving up the table, it was quite generous!  

 [My banana crepe at Old Vine Cafe]
Meeting Joyce and Ryan was like meeting up with old friends, which probably just sounds ridiculous to anyone who doesn't blog. Sometimes I have people ask how I can be so open on the Internet, but I'm reminded of why whenever I make a real connection with someone across the globe. So, um, Joyce and Ryan, meet you in Sydney, 2012??

 [Like us, Joyce and Ryan had a wedding banquet and tea ceremony]

Have you made many friends through your blog? Do people think you're nuts?


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Totally! Well hope we became friends from the blog too and loved having lunch with you (hope you liked the chocolates too!)

Brandi said...

That's fantastic! There's nothing like meeting a good blog friend in person, right? I love doing that. Everyone I've met so far has been incredible. And that was so sweet for the family to pay for your meal. How wonderfully unexpected!

Gaynor said...

Thats so great you were able to meet up; I think its fab that you can make friends through this blogging lark!

So far ive met 5 other bloggers twice and were are meeting up again in a couple of weeks. Other people do think its a bit odd but I think its wonderful; it was a bit odd the first time we met as not everyone shares as many photos on their blog as me but it turned out great.

How nice that they paid for your meal too; lovely surprise!

Lillian Chang said...

That's so wonderful!! I love meeting people through blogs - that was definitely an unexpected and wonderful thing I never saw coming when I started :) But I have made some really good friends through blogging, which has really been so wonderful :)

I've always wanted to try Old Vine Cafe! I've heard good things about their breakfast/brunches :) That's so nice about the family :) I love when little acts of kindness like that happen - it makes me feel so happy about the world :)


that crepe looks so amazing! Must try that place. xo

Anonymous said...

I have made a couple of friends through my blog - even exchanged Christmas cards with one of them! In some ways, I feel like I know bloggers better than I know my friends in real life. You put so much of yourself out there online, you know?
Such fun that you got to meet your bloggy friend!

ruthy ann said...

i'm so jealous! i totally want to get together with bloggy friends...i've read a few of Joyce's blogs!

julia said...

Some of my blog friends have become great friends. One was my wedding photographer. How nice of that family to pay your check - karma isn't always that quick. :)

Mo said...

@chic 'n cheap and Brandi: I enjoyed meeting you both and am so glad we did! Chic, the kit kat bars were SO good, I got giddy when I saw the boxes at Narita!

@Gaynor: How nice! I've never been to a group get together, that's great that you guys are consistently meeting.

@Lillian: You should totally go, it was my first time but worth another trip. Plus, it's in The Camp, which was kinda interesting. Definitely the only shopping center I've ever been to with bird noises for atmosphere!

@lifeofadoctorswife: I've definitely had that happen with the wedding. Bloggers I had never met in my life knew the dates of both my wedding events, but people in the real world would forget! You definitely end up getting to know people after reading about their lives for so long.

@Frankie: Twas good, most definitely gave me a sugar high times ten.

@ruthy ann: Blogger party at Ruthy Ann's new place!

@julia: Yes indeed, karma was good to us that day! I almost couldn't believe it when the waitress told us.

joyce said...

I'm holding you to that now, Mo! We'll be expecting you in Sydney sometime next year!! That will be fabulous!!

It was really fantastic meeting up with you and the free meal was really a nice surprise at the end of it all.

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