Mail Art #1

[My first piece of mail art, with a brown paper package tied up with string]

[I used a combination of washi paper and Japanese packaging tape.]

[The whale card was the inspiration behind the packaging.]

As promised for 2011, here is my first piece of mail art. It's really girly and kiddy (I mean, would you expect anything else from me?) but I want my pieces to be more diverse in the future.

This is going to a friend who treated us to a fantastically delicious meal at the Tsukiji Fish Market during our honeymoon. I was too lazy to fill out delivery confirmation, but I did check postage, so I hope it gets there safely!

Hold me to it, February is going to be more punk rock, y'know, as punk rock as I can be.
...But knowing me I'll probably paste pink flowers on top of it in the end.


honey my heart said...

oh my, i love that envelope! too cute and too fun and what a great thing to get in your friend's mailbox :) excited to see your next design.

Brandi said...

Mo, this is absolutely adorable! You did such a good job -- whoever the recipient of that package is will flip when they see it. I wouldn't even know how to open something so fantastic.

BigAppleNosh said...

SO cute - I love it!!

Moosette said...

This is too cute... and has totally inspired me to get more creative with my packages!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. So very awesome. I would squee with giddy joy if I got something that lovely in the mail.

Kristin - Mrs. Glasses said...

You are super talented, lady! So cute and lovely, getting mail is always fun but this would just make my day!


That's so adorable Mo! Happy New Year, sweetie. I just love how things are looking over here :)

Eva said...

Wow, so pretty! I always worry that adding too much might confuse the mailmen/women but I think it's about time I scrap that concern and start sending out some much prettier letters and packages. Thank you for the encouragement and for sharing!

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