Proposal Weekend: Part II

[The menu for the night--click on the photo to read it more clearly]

[My spiked lavender lemonade and the Boy's tangerine screwdriver]

[A really yummy red leaf spinach salad]

[Radicchio makes the BEST decoration ever. Here it is sprucing up the Heirloom Vegetable Pot Pie.]

[Cute spoon, no?]

[Thai Veggie Pizza--we ate about half of this because we were so stuffed. But it was still good.]

[This is really, really good. Can I have summore?]

We had a really good dinner at Spread, a vegetarian restaurant in North Park that I have been wanting to try. The highlight of this meal was the very filling heirloom veggie pot pie and my spiked lavender lemonade. There were also flowers in the water, which I unfortunately did not get a picture of, which flavored the water and made the pitcher look very pretty.

Maybe we can have flowers in our water pitchers at the wedding.

Next up is the Hotel and the biggest baddest Sunday Brunch EVER. I could really use some of that lavender lemonade right now.


Anne said...

You blog is fun and creative. I'd love to link to you!

Mo said...

Sure! I'd be honored. Thanks for reading!

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