Tying the Knot in a Library

[Yes, this is a library! The rooftop of the Kansas City Public Library. Photo by Jan and Marco Simonelli]

[Wow, two of my favorite things in the whole wide world: cake and books.]

[Mary and Matt's wedding at the Detroit Public Library. Photos by Anne Ruthmann]

Since I am applying to school to become a librarian, and I am getting married, all of the sudden anything library+wedding related immediately pops out at me. It never even occurred to me that you could get married in a library until I saw these photos on Anne Ruthmann's blog. This wedding took place at the Detroit Public Library and is just adorable!

Also, if you live in Kansas City, you can rent the rooftop of the main library for your wedding. This wedding, photographed by Jan and Marco Simonelli, is so hip and stylish! Certainly doesn't look like the roof of my public library.


So far, wedding planning has been a bit direction-less. Maybe direction-less is the wrong way to describe it, maybe I should say that I am being flexible, not direction-less. For a couple of days I thought having a tea party would be fun. And then the tea party turned into brunch. And then brunch turned into dinner and an after party. And now we're back at possibly a daytime event, except maybe in a different city. All of this, add a Chinese banquet into the mix, and you're basically up to speed with what I have planned for when we say "I do".

I'm a little sad my cat can't walk down the aisle the way a dog can. She's looking pretty cute right now.


Anne said...

OMG - thank you for sharing the rooftop terrace in Kansas City!! That's gorgeous! I've passed it on to some people I think might be interested! PS. Glad I could inspire you to do a wedding at a library!! It was so much fun! I love books... and libraries. ;-)

Mo said...

I'm so glad it was useful! Too bad I don't live in Kansas City, but I hope some lucky people do!

Dayseye said...

How could you forget about the Sex in the City movie where Carrie was going to marry Big in a library where all the world's greatest love stories. You could try the UC Berkeley library or the San Francisco public library.

Mo said...

How could I forget! I guess that discounts me from calling myself a SATC fan.

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