Dear Economy, Please Don't Take Another Magazine Away

First I had to take Blueprint off my list. And then Domino. And now CRAFT?
My "Read a Magazine" list on my sidebar is getting pretty wimpy and appallingly lonely.

Read all about it at Craftzine.com, I got the news via d*sponge.


Anonymous said...

I got the email about CRAFT today too. I keep reading about all these magazines folding, but its just especially sad when its a zine that you buy and read. At least I'll get some issues of MAKE with the rest of my subscription. Anyhow, just hope that Giant Robot stays strong.

Brandy said...

In the past few months 4 magazines I had on my list of Xmas subscriptions have ended.
So sad.


I hear you! It's a real tragedy! I was devastated about Domino. I was at a beauty editor luncheon and was waiting for the Domino beauty editor to show up and I got the word that they were shutting the magazine down at 11:30 that day. Let's hope things turn around soon.

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