Valentine's Day Cards by Katie Muth

[mixed tape card, cupcakes card, sweatervest card by Katie Muth]

I heart mixed tapes. I have a drawer full of them back home from friends. I would {probably} heart anyone who gave me this mixed tape card by Toronto-based artist Katie Muth.
These are all fantastic designs and prints.
I should figure out how to get the boy to wear a sweater vest...
Check out Katie's amazing shop here and her beautiful home tour by d*sponge here.

[Note: In the third photo down in her home tour, you can see a little Miffy pillow on the chair. That just makes her home ten times cooler.]


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love these! They are romantic, sweet, and graphically appealing all at the same time!

And the fact that she's from toronto---my hometown!---makes it even better!

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