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Because I am getting married and having a lot of fun: 
The Offbeat Bride by Ariel Meadow Stallings

I love Ariel's blog so I really wanted to buy the book. I mostly wanted to buy the book just as a commemorative "yay! I am getting married!!" present to myself, but there are a lot of gems of wisdom in the book so I am glad I did end up buying it. 

One of the pages I dog-eared was about getting engaged. There was a lot of discussion in our relationship about what would happen when we would officially decide to be engaged. Would I propose? Would he propose? Would there be a ring? Would we both get rings? There was all this pressure surrounding how we would make it official, and in the end, the boy told me that he wanted to do the traditional down-on-one-knee proposal. And so that's what happened, even though we both knew beforehand that the answer to his question would be yes. It was such a happy day for both of us.   

I rarely read about people's decisions to become engaged (maybe I'm too distracted by the pretty diy projects and dresses on blogs,) so it makes me really happy to read Ariel's story about their engagement being more a decision between the two of them rather than a surprise champagne dinner in a hot air balloon in the French countryside. Which, by the way, if that happened to me, I wouldn't be complaining. =D 

OB has also given me the idea to put my STDs in my holiday cards. Two birds with one stone, sweet. 

Because I want to be a children's librarian and need to be reading more children's books:
I have to kick my reading into high gear. It's hard with all of the blogs and magazines I have lying around for the wedding! If you have any children's/YA book that you know I NEED to read, send them my way!

Because I want to be a children's librarian and find out what happens to Bella and Edward:
I was pretty hooked by Edward's charms and Bella's spunk during the first book, and then I started getting more and more annoyed with Bella's obsessiveness. But I feel I need to finish it, so I think I'll plow right through it this weekend. So please, if you've finished it, please please please don't tell me what happens!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


mariposa8487 said...

I don't know if you've read them yet, but I really like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. It does a really nice job of portraying positive peer relationships among teenagers.

Kendicles said...

Agh, I am also trying to get through all the Twilight books! I love them and hate them at the same time:)

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