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I've discovered the dress gallery on brides.com. I have gotten less sleep in the past two days because of it. It's become an addiction. But it is sooo much fun. I'm seeing more and more dresses that are more in my budget, so I am very happy that dresses out there actually exist below the 1k mark. 

This WTOO gown looks very similar to the Christos gown I tried on about a month ago, and based on what other Watters gowns cost, it would be a fraction of the cost of the Christos dress. 

[Dress from Christos' 2009 Spring Collection, image from brides.com]

One of the common comments about these chiffon/empire waist dresses was that it makes me look preggers. I'm not so sure I want to look pregnant on my wedding day, but I'm still drawn to them because I love how they flow and are comfortable.

I will be going shopping again in about a month, so I anticipate more hours spent searching for dresses I want to try on and obsessing more than is humanly necessary. 

Some things to look forward to:
-hearing back from graduate schools in April (whhhy are they making me wait so long?)
-having ample time to do a lot of reading at the cafe
-a big trip up north in March to look at venues and go dress shopping (wheeeee!) with one of my favorite girls in the world, Rosanna



Caitlin said...

Ooh, I love that second one! It's very similar to the style of mine. I'm a big fan of the romantic, flowy bride thing they've got going on.

Krista said...

I love those dresses. The nice thing about the Wtoo/Watters version is the cost! And if you were creative & got some material (chiffon or silk), you could (or have a seamstress) create the sash of the more expensive gown ... at a fraction of the price.

Mo said...

That is a GREAT idea, Krista! I didn't even think of that, thank you!
I unfortunately am unskilled, but my mother is handy with the sewing machine so perhaps she could work her magic.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

OOh. I love those two gowns. I'm drawn to empire waist dresses...but since I'm short, it kinda makes me look preggers too. Great blog by the way. Found you via Krista aka the Canadian Bride.

Krista said...

oh, if you do go with that idea, make sure to post how it turns out. I'm so excited for you!

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