Wedding Photographer for a Day

Back in December, my sister had a civil ceremony at San Francisco City Hall. Here is a super small sampling of photos I took that day as "The Wedding Photographer".

[Just married at San Francisco City Hall!]

[My dear grandmother, or 'Popo' in Chinese]

[I took an obligatory shoe picture. Aren't they cute though?]

[My sisters and I went to the flower mart super early, gathered all of the flowers, scarfed down some sausage mcmuffins, and made three bouquets: my sister's, my mom's, and one for my grandmother. I think her bouquet came out really well! I was so proud of us.]

I am fortunate to not only have blogs keep me sane during wedding planning, but also my older (and wiser) sister who is getting married/having a rockin' party this summer in New York. We are constantly calling each other and swapping thoughts about anything wedding related---from dresses to Chinese banquets to how we're walking down the aisle sans the whole 'i'm being given away' part.

After much thought and debate, my sister has decided not to have a professional wedding photographer. Instead, she has asked me to take pictures. In return, she is very generously buying me a brand new camera. {!!!!!} This is like a dream come true, since I have been wanting a new camera for ages, and have fun taking the pictures anyway. I know I can't replace a pro, but I'm going to try my hardest with what I can do.

Back in December, sister and her partner had a civil ceremony at San Francisco City Hall so I got to practice being a Wedding Photographer. It was hard. Rounding up family to look at me to take group shots, getting the right angle, making sure objects were in focus, totally tiring but FUN.

My brother-in-law let me use his camera for the day at City Hall. I believe it is a Canon EOS Rebel XSi, and it was also recommended to me by a friend. I am considering asking for this camera.

Does anyone else have any recommendations for a good beginner digital SLR camera? Any tips for someone who has no clue what she is doing?


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Wow. SF City Hall is gorgeous! Makes you think differently about a short but sweet civil ceremony.

Jessamyn Harris said...

you did great! I love SF City Hall weddings (I'm also totally biased, having gotten married there myself). I am a Canon girl and so definitely recommend the "Rebel" or XT series they make. Pair that with a cheap 50mm f1.8 lens, and you are golden!
PS love the shoe shot!

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