Has Your Wedding Taken Over Your Life?

Proof that our wedding has taken over ours:

+The boy came home with a black eye and a bloody scrape on his cheek. My first question was "what happened?", followed by "does it hurt and do you need ice?", followed by "Man, I am so glad it is the end of January and not the end of June," and as soon as it came out of my mouth, I thought he might get mad at me for being so selfish, but instead he said "THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT AT FIRST!"
Who cares if you fell during basketball and slammed your left side on the basketball court, who cares if you have head trauma, who cares if you are spitting up blood, THINK ABOUT THE PICTURES WE COULD HAVE RUINED. We were both laughing that that was one of the first things that popped into our heads.
Poor thing was not feeling well all weekend, so we spent Saturday in the ER and a lot of time at home with a bottle of Advil and a cloth ice bag they gave to us at the hospital.

And some more updates...

+Because of the extra down time from the boy's injury, we started watching True Blood and we are hooked. Don't tell me what happens!

+The suit arrived and it fits! We both now officially have clothes to wear.

+We booked a guitarist to play during the ceremony and cocktail hour. Woohoo!

+I have to return the bag. It just doesn't match the dress or the shoes, and it's much bigger than I expected. I do like the idea of a clutch to carry money and my cell phone in, so I might get something else, it just has to match this time.



honey my heart said...

i totally thought that way as the wedding drew near! it was all about the plans and the photos.

it's good to hear that a lot of things are happening/finalizing for your wedding :)

The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

1. Poor guy! I hope he's feeling better asap. 2. Yes, the wedding completely takes over your life! 3. Yay for having clothes to wear! When you wrote that I was reminded of a headline I read this morning, "Katy Perry and Russell Brand will have clothing optional wedding." LOL. I think (hope) they were joking.
P.S. Sorry to hear the bag didn't match :(


don't worry, that makes perfect sense. the wedding tends to do that to ppl.

glad things are going well with the planning though and i hope he feels better soon! :)

Missy May said...

Tell him your bloggy friends hope he gets better! And good luck finding a handbag!
-Missy May

Gaynor said...

I would totally have thought the same!

Hope he is ok soon and shame about the bag as it was gorgeous!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Totally hilarious! I was just talking about this with some friends this weekend! My fiance is hugely active and accident prone. For their bachelor party they are going to Vegas and of course will do the gambling/clubing thing...but they are also going dune buggy riding and playing dodge ball on trampolines. Holy hell! Plus he works in construction so I told him he better be careful that last month up until the wedding because if he does anything to his face or hands to ruin our pictures I'll kill him!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

lol. i hope the boy is doing much better. i can only imagine how planning a grand affair for such a long period of time can totally take over the brain.

p.s. LOVE, LOVE true blood.

Westside Wedding said...

yes, it has taken over. I love true blood too, a friend let us borrow the first season & now we are hooked but we dont have that channel so I have it in my netflix que waiting for when it comes out on DVD, which is probably a long time.

Luxeville said...

i totally know what you mean... i for one breakout and gravitate towards fattier foods when i'm stressed... i really hope i can chill out before the wedding...

i'm sure your pictures will be beautiful!

Mo said...

Thanks for all your well wishes ladies! His eye is healing, he just looks like he has a lot of eyeliner on. :)

buhdoop said...

I hope he feels better soon. I haven't watched true blood, but I love the books they are based off of.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Oh no! I hope he feels better soon!

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