I'm Back!

[Green tea gelato from Pariya in Tokyo--YUM]

Boy was it hot and humid, but a really amazing adventure. I was hesitant about this trip--it was going to be expensive, hot, and hectic. And it was all of those things, but I'm so happy we went because it was still wonderful.

[Mo and the boy on a tour of Hakone]

I have 900 (!) photos to sift through, but I'll have some updates once I get through them!

What kind of honeymoon did you or would you choose--rest and relaxation, or something more adventurous?



Allison said...

We went to Aruba. It was completely relaxing. We're headed to Europe for our first anniversary for more of an adventure trip!

honey my heart said...

glad to hear that you are back, can't wait to see your photos from japan! i bet the food was amazing :)

MayLove said...

We chose Disney World (I haven't been in 20 years). BAD idea! We ran ourselves ragged, and were so sore and exhausted for days. We hardly got to relax at all. Halfway through we were ready to go home. We had fun, but given the chance to do it over, I'd choose a more relaxing trip! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Mo said...

@Allison: Have a great time! I love love love Europe.

@honey my heart: It was! And healthy too.

@MayLove: I can only handle Disney one day at a time, so I could imagine getting tired halfway through! Maybe for your anniversary you can have a more relaxing trip. :)

blushingjoy said...

Going adventurous all the way!! Currently trying to balance planning the trip and get the wedding preparations out of the way!! We're coming down to LA so hopefully we'll be able to schedule a meetup!! :)

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