Mo+Boy Tie the Knot: Cupcake Beauty Shots

While we had our family portraits, the cupcakes were getting their pictures taken too.
I made a little sign (you'll see in the photos below) with which decorations corresponded with which flavors. Luckily our guests used the sign (yes!), and now I have a memento of which flavors we served: red velvet, vanilla, peanut butter chocolate, black and white, and coconut.
The big hit? Red velvet. By far. They were gone the fastest, while peanut butter chocolate lagged behind. I was also surprised at how fast the coconut cupcakes went!

We ordered around 210 for 140 guests, and we had about 65 (!) leftover. Our guests were so full from dinner that many shared or only had one cupcake, despite the consistent ogling throughout the night. (There was actually someone from the catering company guarding the cupcakes so that no one would eat one before the "cutting"!)

I also want to give a shout-out to Sprinkles in Newport Beach. They were super nice when I asked about the order in person, made it really easy over the phone and suggested the decorations, and called the day before the wedding to confirm the pick-up and how I would like them to be packaged. To top it off, everyone loved the cupcakes. (I think. At least I loved the cupcakes, but that's a given.) Three cheers for Sprinkles!

Psssst: For anyone in San Diego, Sprinkles will be opening in La Jolla this Fall!! Eeep!



BigAppleNosh said...

Such pretty cupcakes! I've heard rave reviews about Sprinkles - I need to try it!

honey my heart said...

your cupcakes are so cute! hooray for sprinkles!!

buhdoop said...

Those look really yummy.

Nell said...

These are so yummy-looking! We had a table just like this at our wedding...but we got our guests to make their favourite cake recipes and bring them! It was a huge success, people loved being involved in the wedding and man oh man were there some tasty looking treats. Shame I didn't get to eat one. The bride-buzz kinda made me loose my appetite! xx

D. Marie said...

Yummo! I love the ones with the hearts on them, so cute! Your photographer knows how to capture food! PS looked at your wedding posts and your niece is just soooo adorable! Congrats!

Mo said...

@Nell: I had that too!! "Bridal buzz" is exactly what I had, because all night I had no appetite until it was all over.
That sounds like it was a lot of fun--did you get people to send you the recipes??

@D. Marie: Aw, thank you! We think she's pretty cute too. :)

Jessamyn (our photographer) just worked on a cookbook!

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