Mo+Boy Tie the Knot: Photo Station Advice

[We have really cute friends.]

While I'm on the topic of regrets, I regret not publicizing the photo station enough. There was a sign, and a large fabric backdrop that was visible, but guests later told me that they thought the area was reserved for only close friends and family. Whoops, my bad. (See, that bull horn would have come in handy here too!)

In any case, I love the photos that we did get from the few guests that found the photo station.

They give me the warm fuzzies.

[I actually don't know what their message says. You would think that I would have asked one of them by now, but then what would be the fun in that? Can you read it?]

[It was hard to pick a favorite shot from these two. I'm impressed they stayed in the frame while jumping. And I couldn't agree more, tennis pretty much sucks with a bad partner!]

[Awwwww. This huggable man is also a talented illustrator. Need a project? Find him here!]

[No freakin' way, we wish we were as cute as you two!]

[I'm glad we agree, owls DO rock.]

[My cousin is going to have a super cute wedding too!]

[My old roomies! Apartment 118 was so much fun, I'm still trying to convince the boy to put purple in our bathroom and add some stuffed animals to the bed.]

[One of my favorites.]

[Thanks for reading!]

If I had to give advice to someone having a photo station/booth...

1. Make an announcement and have your friends/bridal party remind people that there is a photo station where they can take as many photos as they want.

2. Looking for color in your backdrop? Choose one with a large, vibrant pattern. Ours had polka dots, but they aren't very visible and I would have liked something more bold that would have popped.

Did you have a photo station? Any tips on how to spread the word or make it a hit?

Fabric from Heather Bailey, photo station set up by Jessamyn Harris Photography


D. Marie said...

These are so fun...love that you and your husband have a Roar sign!! All the couples are so cute!!

PS Love your dress and that it was Victorian inspired and now that you mention Jane Austen, your gown reminds me of Keira Knightly! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

What sweet photos (and I have no idea what the illegible blackboard said but there are purple roses involved!)

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

What a great idea Mo! I just loved how your friends got so creative....e.g. your roomies in 118...so adorable!

MayLove said...

I *think* the sign says.. "Roses are purple. Your happiness shines red hues. Wow, here (?) in the green. -drawing of flowers- Not 100% if that says "here", or really what any of it means, but then I'm not very good at poetry. Cute photo booth! Adorable friends!

honey my heart said...

love the photos! and the chalkboard was a very nice touch.

Mo said...

Thank you everyone! And thanks for the attempts at reading their poem, hehe. Having the photo booth was fun and I highly recommend it.

@The Professional Bridesmaid: They are totally adorable! I didn't know they took the photos, and it was a nice surprise seeing all of them after the wedding. :)

BigAppleNosh said...

What fun photos! :)

buhdoop said...

Too cute and way cool.

Tran said...

How was your photo station set up? Was it DIY with a digital camera? Or did your photographer set it up?

Mo said...

@Tran: Our photographer set up the station, and we nailed the backdrop to two trees with nails. It was nice that she did the work, because we didn't have to worry about anything!

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