Adventures in Furniture Shopping

The IKEA incident of 2006 turned me off from furniture shopping with the boy for life. There really isn’t much to the story--if you can imagine the boy looking at a couch amorously, and me with my head buried in one of the cushions repeating “this...is...so...UGLY”--then you know the story. I don’t know what it is about furniture that makes me hyperventilate, but apparently this couple got a divorce over the furniture (scroll down to the "The One Child Policy").

Post wedding, we ditched our old futon with the intent of buying something the cat wouldn’t destroy (heh, if possible.) After almost six months (wow, has it really been that long since the wedding?!) of sitting on the floor with pillows propped up against our coffee table, we finally bought a real live couch.

[Huzzah! A place to sit!]

And it wasn’t even #1 on my list, it’s the one the boy wanted the most. And I didn’t even hyperventilate this time. Or pout. Aren’t you proud of me?

...it could just be that I was tired of sitting on the ground. But for now let’s just think that I let the boy have the one he wanted because I’m growing, k?

It also afforded me the opportunity to buy this ruffle-licious pillow from Target, which is super fun to play with.

While we're on the topic of our apartment, I went ahead and took a photo of my really messy desk, and the knick knacks that surround it, where I do all my blogging.

[My natural habitat]

I'm really glad to have a new place to take naps and cuddle. Thank goodness it didn't turn into another Ikea incident!


Abbie said...

Love the sneak peek into your place. It's always fun to see where people blog b/c then you can picture it. Creepy? Maybe. I should do a post of my space... when I can type with more than one hand.

Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

I LOVE that pillow! Super cute!

Brandi said...

I think my first real couch was the same one that you two bought! I fell out of love with its look quickly, but I did like how comfortable is it (my parents now use it in their home). And your apartment is so cute! Little knick knacks always make a room so much more fun.

MayLove said...

1- that was a really interesting article
2- I COVET your gigantic monitor!
3- It's weird how exciting it is to get furniture of your own huh? We had left behind couches from the former homeowner that were so torn up from her cat we had to use slipcovers. We dealt with it until our new dog peed on the couch. One day of sitting on the floor (getting trampled by said dogs), and we were out at the first furniture store we could. Now we can't believe we went 8 months with those nasty old couches!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Love your couch and pillow. Ooh and Hello Kitty pez - fun!

BigAppleNosh said...

I LOVE that ruffly pillow!

honey my heart said...

love your couch. it looks too comfy! also really like your desk area because it looks lived in and used :)

ps i have those same dispensers!

Mo said...

@Abbie: Not creepy! I think it's interesting to put the writer in context, especially if you follow along with that person's life. Please do share yours when you have a chance!

@Brandi: It's definitely comfy, I've fallen asleep on it many times already!

@Kelly and BigAppleNosh: Thanks! The pillow could probably be made by someone more talented than me, all of the ruffles are individually sewn on bows!

@MayLove: I'm glad you liked the article!
I think you should put the 20 inch+ monitor on your wish list because I don't know what I would do without it!

@Chic 'n Cheap and Honey: Hello Kitty makes everything happier. Especially when candy comes out of her head.

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