Batting Short Straight Eyelashes

[Ohhh to have lush thick lashes. If you have lots of lashes, cherish them because I might steal them from you. Photo from here.]

After a grueling quarter, I'm ready to just sit, eat cookies and not think about anything academic. So let's talk about something more fun, something that I personally love playing with--makeup.

I didn't blog about this at the time because I had a million things going on, but I got eyelash extensions for our honeymoon. They were fantastic but expensive. I didn't have to put any makeup on, and for the first time, my lashes were LONG and CURLED. They were really noticeable in person (my boss saw me and said "well don't you look beautiful,") and if it weren't for saving money, I'd be at the salon every month to have them retouched.

Since I'm strapped for cash these days, I'm in the market for a new mascara. So far I have tried...

 -MAC Prolash
-Benefit Bad Gal

I've been using mostly the Bad Gal, but it always smears on me and I'm thinking I need something with more oompf so my eyes pop.

What's your favorite mascara? Can I have your eyelashes? 


honey my heart said...

i like bad gal and clinique's high impact mascara, but i've found the maybelline great lash works well and is economical.

ps hooray for the end of the quarter! hope you can kick back and relax soon :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I use Elizabeth Arden Ceramide or Chanel Inimitable. Neither is cheap but I love them both. Do you use an eyelash curler?

Gaynor said...

Im using Bad Gal at the moment too and im not that impressed either; its a bit smudgy!

Before I always had Lancome's stuff and im thinking of going back to that!

My eyelashes are quite long, annoying as sometimes I end up with mascara on my eye makeup when I look up too quick before it dries!

Maya said...

I swear by DiorShow Iconic Mascara-- it's the best (and I seriously feel like I've tried every mascara out there). It gives you super thick, falsies-feeling eyelashes-- I love it!

MayLove said...

I have ridiculously thin and short eyelashes too. I've been on this same quest, and pretty much given up. Normally I just go with whatever is (a) waterproof (b) has a non clumpy brush.
I've been alternating between two types lately. Both are some random brand, Hard Candy, that they sell at Walmart. One is the 1,000 lashes fiber mascara which has the BEST brush and the other is a curling mascara that has a crappy brush. Both come in a variety of colors that really make your eyes pop! They also have a lengthening mascara, and all their products are cruelty free. Plus, they aren't too expensive. I highly recommend the 1,000 lashes formula! I'm loving the brown, and navy (called "mr. right") colors!

Brandi said...

Oddly, mascara bothers my eyes a lot. I love the way it looks but they're just irritated by the feeling of having stuff on them. Sometimes, in place of mascara, I'll use an eyelash curler but I'm still frightened by those devices, especially since every now and then it'll yank out an eyelash. I'll leave you to experiment.

Carlene said...

Oh you should get lash growin' serum. Totally works. Most of the cheaper ones I've tried worked better than Latisse ($150).

Also I learned how to apply the individual lashes with more semi-long lasting glue (last about a month) on YouTube!!! Its cheaper than going to the salon every month and if you need a quick retouch you can do it yourself. Saves me so much time and $$$$.

Email me if you need tips. I'll help you out!

Chelsi Baird said...

L'Oreal Voluminous Volume Building - best mascara that you can get!!! (Get the one in the grey tube) It makes your eye lashes noticebly longer and fuller.

$7-$10 at any drug store, Walmart or grocery store.

Mo said...

Thanks for all the suggestions!!

@honey my heart: Thanks!! It feels so good to be done for now.

@Chic 'n Cheap: Nope, I don't even think I have enough lashes to curl them?

@Gaynor: I'm envious!

@Maya: Oooh I saw that at Sephora and was really tempted. Good to know!

@MayLove: I LOVE navy, I think it gives the lashes a nice shimmer in the sunlight.

@Carlene: I think you'll be hearing from me soon! I was thinking of Latisse, but it's so expensive and I heard that you have to keep applying it or else your lashes will shrink again.

I would love some falsies with semi-long lasting glue on the cheap.

@Chelsi: That's what my makeup artist recommended! I have yet to try it, maybe I'll give it whirl next time I'm at Target.

Punctuation Mark said...

my fave is by clinique because it doesn't clump and i can wash it easily and it doesnt smudge either... i love it!

joyce said...

I only use one mascara - dejavu from Japan. It's the only one that doesn't smudge and it gives me sort of long lashes. I usually stock up whenever I go back to Asia or get them from Sasa.

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