Warehouse Sale Recap

On Saturday, I had a blogger date with Brandi of not your average ordinary to go to the Warehouse Sale, which had two of my favorite things in the whole wide world: stationery and cupcakes. I had a chocolate mint cupcake from Vignette Patisserie and bought a few treasure bags filled with letterpress cards from Delphine Press, which was a great start to a really nice Saturday. Here are a few photos from our lovely morning!

[Chocolate mint cupcake made with organic ingredients--really yummy--courtesy of Vignette Patisserie]

[Brandi had this pumpkin walnut cupcake and loved it, and this girl knows her food! Check out her food blog, Pizzelles.]

[The Delphine Press table had every stationery lover's dream, an entire table filled with printed goods at a discounted price. I think I picked up about 25 different items before settling on a few treasure bags.]

[Fun little bags filled with cards, tag, ribbons, and other cute treasures]

[That stack of cards was a mere $3, and these soy candles smelled really good. The cute thing about them was that a small pack of matches is tucked inside the packaging.]

[Can I buy the entire table?]

Thank you to Delphine Press and Vignette Patisserie for letting me shoot some photos, and to Brandi for driving and hanging out with me!  I think every Saturday should be reserved for stationery shopping and cupcake eating.


Brandi said...

Mo, you got some really fantastic photos from yesterday! I didn't even remember the table cloth under the cupcakes being that brightly colored. It was so wonderful meeting you and I can't wait to hang out again. Good luck with your finals, my dear! (P.S. I'm still dreaming about that pumpkin walnut cupcake. Yum.)

ruthy ann said...

that looks like so much fun!...and yummy :)

honey my heart said...

ooo, so much pretty stationery. love! and cupcakes look delish :)

Mo said...

@Brandi: Thanks Brandi, it was great to meet you yesterday!
Ah yes, the tablecloth...I might've...punched up the green just a tad so the mint leaf on the cupcake would pop more. ;)

@ruthy ann: it WAS yummy!

@honey my heart: you would have loved it, there was a lot of crafty goodness all in one place!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

All that stationary - fun! What brilliance to combine it with cupcakes as well!

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