Etsy Gift Ideas for Facebook Friends

I saw this on Etsy and thought it was clever.
If you let Etsy connect to your Facebook account, it will generate gift ideas for the friends who have left tags in their interests section.

Let's see it in action!

 [Click here to generate some gift ideas for your friends]

My fellow future librarian Stacey likes the designer Orla Kiely. Therefore, Stacey might like:

My friend from college, Angie, put Pride and Prejudice under favorite books, therefore she might like:

And my music obsessed audiophile friend Paul might like some Wilco handcrafted items...except for that polishing cloth, it doesn't fit in the bunch. (It's okay Etsy, I don't expect you to differentiate between the band and a vintage brand name.)  

I wish I could have done my own, but my profile doesn't pop up as an option...not that I need anymore things for myself this year. :)

Here's to all your shopping endeavors this holiday season! 


honey my heart said...

this is too awesome! i already have a few friends in mind to use this for :)

Paul said...

um, that polishing cloth is awesome, i expect to see it under my hanukkah menorah next year.

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