My Holiday in Sweets

[From top to bottom: chocolate tart with kumquats from Esquire Grill in Sacramento; earl gray tea cupcake from Esther's Cupcakes in Sacramento; creme brulee cupcake also from Esther's; tree sugar cookie from Dolores Park Cafe in San Francisco]

I had a pretty crazy holiday break, but in between hugs and catching up, I managed to do what I do really well--eat sugar.

Originally I went to Esther's Cupcakes to try their green tea cupcake, but was sorely disappointed when there weren't any. We settled on the earl gray and creme brulee cupcake, and friends agreed that the frosting was the stand-out component of the cake. Mmmmm...

To make up for my green tea cupcake fascination, I'm actually going to ::gasp:: attempt to bake today. If you've been reading this blog you know cooking and baking are scarce. Eating is plentiful, making the food is not.

I'm lacking in domesticity, so send your best baking vibes my way--wish me luck!


Petite Cabbage Press said...

<3 Love looking at pictures of food! I posted a cupcake today, too. And all things Earl Grey. I had some Earl Grey ice cream in Cambridge, MA once and fell in love with it as a flavor.

I also recently had some soup that contained kumquats... is this the new trendy food for 2011?

Brandi said...

A green tea cupcake sounds so delicious. I think that might be something for me to bake when I get back to San Diego -- I'll make sure to invite you over for one when I do.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Mmm creme brulee cupcake - sounds like a good consolation :)

honey my heart said...

ooo, chocolate tart :) i'm dying to try a great green tea cupcake.

Mo said...

@Petite Cabbage Press: Perhaps it is! I like the taste of kumquats, not so much a fan of the texture. A soup?? What an interesting flavor to put in soup!

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