Getting Away and Where To Go

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Sorry. I've been delinquent, I see that my last post was on Sunday. It is finals week, and the mean scary monsters called stress and anxiety overtook my body and made me do some scary things, like eat In N' Out multiple times, leave coffee cups all over my desk, and wallow on the couch with my favorite procrastinating question--what am I doing with my life and am I fulfilled? Let me sit here and ponder that for three hours while I watch episodes of Gilmore Girls I've already seen and eat out of this bag of Craisins.

While I've been unproductive, it occurred to me that our 6 month wedding anniversary and our engage-a-versary fall on the same day--January 3rd! To get me out of my funk, I've declared that we celebrate, with possibly a weekend retreat where we don't sit on the couch and wallow because I am so done with that. 

I just don't know where to go or what to do. 

Where do you go to regain strength and find clarity? Any suggestions for a weekend getaway in Southern California?


A Los Angeles Love said...

For weekend getaways, I stick to 3 hours or less travel time. Since you're in San Diego, I'd recommend Temecula if you like wine (our fave winery is Ponte and we've found great deals to stay at the South Coast Winery). You might consider a Beach town getaway like Laguna and you could stay at the Pacific Edge Hotel http://www.jdvhotels.com/hotels/orangecounty/pacific_edge. And of course there's always Palm Springs and the Ace Hotel...

Brandi said...

Ohmygolly. You sound just like me during finals. I can totally end up zoning out and watching tv while consuming massive amounts of dried fruits (especially Craisins). Are you all finished now? I have a little grading left, but I'm nearly there!

As for where to go, I sadly don't know this area well. Maybe north? I think it depends whether you want to relax and be pampered or relax and be camping...

honey my heart said...

i always go to the beach :) sb is really nice. and this weekend is uniquela, artisanala, & renegadela!!

Mo said...

@A Los Angeles Love: Great ideas, thank you so much! I have never been to Palm Springs and we are now considering going. :)

@Brandi: Dried fruits rock my world. I am NOW all finished, at the time of this post, I was procrastinating...with craisins.

@honey my heart: I would love to go to SB (we went for spring break a few years ago and it was lovely,) but unfortunately it is too far away. :(
One day!

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