My Mother's Retro Cheongsam

[I managed to squeeze myself into this one. Sorry, I don't have a floor lenth mirror.]

[A view of the dress as full lenth]

[This white cheongsam has a great pattern. Unfortunately I can't even put it on it's so tight.]

I visited my family this weekend, and my mother sent me home with two beautiful cheongsams she had worn at her wedding. I knew my Mom was 105 lbs. and a size 0 when they got married, but I was going to give it a shot anyway.

So, surprise surprise, they don't fit.

I managed to squeeze myself into one of them, like a sausage into a casing when the sausage is wearing spanx, but the other? It wouldn't go past my thighs. I don't know if it's worth it to try to alter one of them, and I really don't want to lose 10 lbs. just to squeeze myself into one.

Was anyone else planning to wear your mother's wedding dress? How does one even move in a cheongsam, wearing one is SO uncomfortable!


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

oh i like it on you!! looks good. i could never fit into my mom's dress...to this day, she's still 100lbs!! Hate her!lol. Cheongsam are definitely not comfy wear....my biggest beef with them, how do you sit in one without showing too much thigh!!??

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Those are gorgeous! I love the texture and color on the top one. And I totally feel your pain - my mom is a good 5 inches taller than me and was much thinner at my age!

rachel said...

It looks so pretty! I've never tried one on, although I'm sure my grandmother has one that she'd let me try if I really wanted to... although I know I'd have the same problem of it being too small!

chicncheap said...

Ooh, it is actually quite nice on you. Yeah my mom work 2 rocking ones for the wedding - I can't wear that.

You know though my friend wore a lovely one with an A-line skirt (she prob got that in Shanghai though). I totally would do that style.

Lysandra said...

Beautiful! My mom was 105 pounds until well into her pregnancy with me - at 32 years old! What's my excuse? Grr!

Brandy said...

omg those are awesome! I'm jealous, my mom didn't keep any of her clothes. Well she has her wedding dress but it's pretty awful(polyester, late 70's) and I'd never want to wear it even if I did it would be short, she's 5'1" and I'm 5'7", I'm taller than everyone in my family!

Ivana | Love Ardently said...

it's so gorgeous on you! I love love love the pattern and the color of that first one. I totally understand... my Mom is skinnier than I am.

Anonymous said...

Those are really pretty - my mom never had a cheongsam (though I believe she wore the jacket/skirt style that's typically rented for tea ceremonies), but she did have a pretty yellow dress. The last time I was able to wear it (granted it was a little tight even then) was when I was in the 6th grade, right before puberty and 20 pounds changed my life.

trishiekoh said...

How awesome is this post! I wish my mom had kept her old dresses and clothes for me.

honey my heart said...

so pretty. i love the design on the white one a lot :) how awesome that you could fit into one... i don't think i could fit in to any of my mom's old clothes.

blushingjoy said...

You look fab in that cheongsam!! Love the pattern and the redness of it. You can't find cheongsams like that anymore unless you get them specially made. I wished my mum brought her dresses over when we moved.

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