I Hope You Know That This Will Go Down on Your Permanent Record

[Image from featherproof books]

*This post to be read with the Violent Femmes playing in your head.*

Chicago indie-publisher featherproof has a neat little section where you can download and print your own free mini-books. Who needs a printing press when I have a trusty HP Laserjet and a stapler?
This Will Go Down on Your Permanent Record, by Susannah Felts, caught my attention because of its awesome title, way cool cover--what can I say, I'm a shallow pig when it comes to book covers--and storyline surrounding a young photographer. Chapter 3 of TWGDOYPR is available as a mini-book, so I'll be printing and stapling and reading in no time.

Thanks to the Ya Ya Yas for reviewing the book and leading me to featherproof!


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