My New Toy: the Gocco PG5

[Fun projects made with Gocco: Thank You notes; Mix Tapes print; Flora print; Loco for Gocco logo; Gocco PG-5, image from Paper Source]

Don't know what a Gocco is? Click here.

Yesterday I came home to a large box sitting at the front door. I picked up the Fedex slip and saw that it was for the boy, and then I saw the sender's address: PAPER SOURCE, CHICAGO, IL.

Heart skips a beat. Why would the boy buy something from Paper Source, if not for me?? WHAT IS INSIDE THIS BOX?? After fumbling with my backpack and purse, I bring the box inside, and I'm sitting there with the cat, and I turn to the cat and I say, "Cat, do you think we should open the box? When do you think the boy will be home so we can open the box? Can you accidentally jump on the box so that it will open? No? Ok, I guess we have to wait than."

And so we sit. And we wait. And sit some more. And we wait until MIDNIGHT until the boy finally comes home. At this point I had the box cutter in my hand ready to rip it open.

And inside, covered in white packaging peanuts was *drum roll please* the Gocco PG-5!! It is now sitting proudly on my living room floor, begging me to hop onto Illustrator and come up with something FANTASTIC to print.

I am also excited because my good friend, hyperartpro, recently got a PG-11 so we will be gocco buddies!! Now I just need a cool design and some paper and then I'm ready to go...after I figure out the instruction manual written in Japanese...

Thank you for the new toy!! I LOVE it. o_O


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