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I have a few applications on Facebook. I'm addicted to Scramble. I have a pet through Fluff Friends. And I like painting on graffiti walls when a birthday rolls around.

But none of those applications are really practical. They don't provide me with any sort of service...just pure entertainment and a slightly better vocabulary and typing speed.

Enter Hippopost! Props to hyperartpro for sending me a link to Hippopost, an application that allows you to send postcards FOR FREE using images you've posted on Facebook. I don't post many pictures on Facebook, but I know some people who use it exclusively to store their photos. And now they can send me all sorts of postcards with their pretty faces FOR FREE. These would be great when traveling. You can send a personalized postcard with a photo of you on your travels instead of a generic one from the gift shop. Great application idea. If someone has sent one, let me know what kind of paper they are using.


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