Pet and Zoo Rubberbands

[Pet and zoo rubberbands from See Jane Work]

It's time to reevaluate my work space! My desk is looking pretty sad right now. There are papers all over the place, my handy dandy organizational tray with all of my cute office supplies is currently cluttered with a whole lotta stuff I do not need. And I'm pretty tired from the weekend from flying up North and back again, so my lethargy isn't really helping the cleaning bug inside of me.

At one point I need to buy rubberbands, but I wish I didn't have to settle for really boring rubberbands. Why can't all rubberbands be in the shapes of cute animals? Hmmmm?

They'd be perfect right next to my Star Wars mailing envelopes.


Angie said...

I HAVE, I HAVE!! (or, i had). i had a pink flamingo rubberband that i got for free with my cell phone in japan...but i sent it to kendon, for monte to use. monte loves rubberbands. but i am not sure that she appreciates the difference between normal rubberbands and supercute animal rubberbands.

Mo said...

How funny, Meomi LOVES my hair ties. She will jump on the dresser and steal them and bring them back to her bed. Crazy cats!

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