Going Home

[Joss House in Old Town Auburn by J.G. in S.F.; Statue of Claude Chana by J.G. in S.F.; Foresthill Bridge by sk8freak]

At the crack of dawn, and I'm not exaggerating because we really are leaving at the crack of dawn, the boy and I are driving from San Diego to my hometown, Auburn. It's a speck on the map near Sacramento, and there were many, many times where I was bored out of my mind there...but sometimes I forget just how pretty it really is.

Think of me tomorrow around 7 in the morning, because I'll probably be chugging along on the grapevine and thinking about what I get to eat on my next rest stop. And maybe if the boy lets me I'll be singing along to Tilly and the Wall the entire 8 hours. Happy early 4th of July!!


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