My First Gocco Experience

[My first Gocco project. A little smudged, but totally handmade by yours truly!]

On Saturday, I spent the whole day playing with my Gocco with hyperartpro! I now have 25 birthday cards, but it was a long (but fun!) 6 hours to get to that point. And next time I print, I'll be a little wiser about the whole process.

This is what I learned from the day:

[Burning a screen, attempt #1. Please let this work. Shoot. It didn't work.]

[Me tracing after my first failed attempt at burning a screen]

1) The photocopier at the library does not make dark enough photocopies. Note to self: adjust saturation on copier so that photocopies come out darker.
2) If photocopies are not up to par, using the handy-dandy carbon pen that comes with Gocco kit is a piece-o-cake.

[My second failed attempt at burning a screen]

3) Don't cry after you've wasted 6 bulbs and 2 screens without any luck of successfully burning a screen! Take a deep breath and remove the blue filter that the instructions told you to use! Next time you will know better! Really!

[Red ink! All over the place!]

4) Expect your hands and arms to look like you've been stung by thousands of bees if using red ink. This may only occur if you're lucky enough, like myself, to be a messy crafter. Make as many jokes about the red ink on your arms as many times during the night as humanly possible.
[It worked!! It really worked!!! Let's go eat dinner finally!]

5) Don't get impatient and play with wet ink. That stuff smears all over the place. ALL OVER THE PLACE.

[Hyperartpro's otter stationery. Totally cute!]

6) Gocco with a friend! Especially one who makes ADORABLE stationery with cute animals on them.

Well, aren't YOU lucky if it's your birthday soon! I have the perfect card for you. ;)

[Thanks to hyperartpro for taking all of these photos on Gocco day.]



Brooke said...

The blue filter actually is quite helpful in certain scenarios, I promise :-) I'm sorry it didn't work for you... but it is definitely necessary for me because of the photocopier I use to make my masters.

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