What Claudia Wore

[Images from What Claudia Wore (photos originally from Nylon Magazine)]

I used to adore the Babysitter's Club. I probably read a good portion of all of the Ann M. Martin books up until I grew out of them around junior high. I would get really excited about any new BSC books they would have at the bookstore, and then I would promptly go home and read it in one night with a flashlight under the covers.*
Claudia Kishi was my FAVORITE character, and I somehow stumbled onto this blog through my random searching: What Claudia Wore. It's hilarious. One of my favorite posts is the post on June 27th (sorry, no direct link,) which updates the look of the BSC characters as hipsters using photos from Nylon. Ha!

I love it. Bookmark it. It's a good read, almost as good as the BSC. ;)

*I would not recommend doing this. I'm close to being legally blind.


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