Who needs a drummer when you have a tap dancer?

[March 2008 concert in San Francisco by Muhammad Asranur; Fashion forward leggings and shoes + Group shot at the April 2007 concert in Milano by Stefano Masselli.]

Who knew tap dancing was so sexy?? All I could think Friday night was 1) damn, this is a really good show, and 2) NEED TO TAKE TAP DANCING LESSONS. Meet my new band crush, Tilly and the Wall. Not only do they play hand-clapping/stomp my feet/bop my head indie-pop, but they also add a pretty unique sound in their music--a tap dancer. She was pretty awesome. I basically couldn't take my eyes off of her, and when my eyes did manage to look away, I had some really pretty fashion eye candy. Check out those leggings and shoes!

Great show Tilly! Maybe next time you come to San Diego I'll be boppin' around like Gene Kelly. With those leggings on.


hyperartpro said...

Check out this video of Beat Control I found:

Pretty cute and unusual for Chinese school.

Mo said...

Tooooo cute!! Great find!

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