Pink Argyle Notebook

[Image by Mo, notebook by hyperartpro]

I never technically had many things that were pink argyle. I have a pair of socks that are pink and green argyle, but not much else really. And now, thanks to hyperartpro, I have a beautiful notebook to show off to the world! The entire notebook, down to the gold embossing on the front, was made by her very own crafty hands. It is a really sweet gift and I'm not sure I can even use it now for fear that I'll mess up the pretty pages.


Angie said...

wow, i learned a new word today. for some reason, i thought argyle = something to do with....uh...gargoyles. so i was like, aw, cute, monnee has a blog named pink gargoyle.

Mo said...

Ahaha...well, I'm sure pink gargoyles would be pretty cute too. ;)

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