Owls Galore

[Image of Owly: Flying Lessons from Andy Runton; Images of owls from Lauren Alane.]

I really like owls. My good friend introduced me to Owly back in college, and I have been hooked ever since. Owly is a graphic novel for kids, completely wordless but filled with emotion, drawn by the very talented Andy Runton. I'm happy to see that Andy Runton and his mother, Patty Runton, now have a teacher guide on how to integrate Owly in the classroom! Yay for Owly!

I think Owly is just about the cutest thing ever, so when I saw Lauren Alane's owls in her Etsy shop, I immediately fell in love! Her owls are just so adorable, and they'd look so cute on my bookshelf next to my Owly books. Check out Lauren's Etsy shop and her blog for more cute owls.


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