10 tidbits about yours truly

Thank you so much to my fantastic blogger friends, Gaynor of Our Day by Design, and Bella of An English(ish) Wedding, for tagging me and giving me this blog award! I love how this blog award says "Art is everywhere but you have to see it". 

Here are 10 random tidbits about me. 

1. I recently found out that Beverly Cleary is an alumna of both my undergraduate and graduate program. I think that's pretty darn cool.

2. During Survivor's heyday, Cold Stone Creamery had a special promotion. If you ate a chocolate-covered grasshopper, you would get a free ice cream cone. I ate two, one for me and one for my boyfriend at the time. 

Yes, it was totally gross after your taste buds made it past the chocolate.

3. My Chinese name means "dream". My Dad had a dream he'd have a little girl. And he did!

4. I was by myself and listening to Ben Fold's "The Luckiest" when I saw the Sistine Chapel for the first time.

5. Until I was 16, I thought "tupperware" was pronounced "tubberware". Neither one really makes sense to me!

[Me, circa 2006 at the Musee d'Orsay]

6. I love to travel. I have been to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Naples. I really hope I get to visit a new place for our honeymoon.

7. I played tennis for most of my life. I accidentally hit a girl in the eye at the net in high school and made her cry. What did my coach say? "It was her fault for not ducking!" Ah, varsity sports at their best. 
If you were hit in high school at a tennis match by a little Asian girl, I'm very sorry and hope you forgive me. 

8. I have seen Ani DiFranco, Jenny Lewis, REM, and Rhett Miller in concert twice.

[Corgi from The Daily Puppy]

9. The boy and I are obsessed with corgis and hope to get one when we have a house and a yard. Which won't be for a very long time, unfortunately. We both yelp when we see one because they are so adorable!

10. The woman at Whole Foods recognizes me and my drink order. Blueberry shake, substitute soy milk with non-fat milk please.

Consider yourself tagged! I love learning new things about my blogger friends. 


trishiekoh said...

Fantastic post, i loved reading about you and finding out how your name came about. Tubberware...haha, that's funny.

chicncheap said...

Oh Mo, that corgy makes me want to have a dog!
I love your selflessness - 2 chocolate grasshoppers - devotion right there!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

hehe, tubberware. love it.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

hehe, tubberware. love it.

dethbakin said...

I love Ani too! (And I have also seen her in concert twice.) Also corgis. They really are the adorablest.

Carol said...

Great tidbits! Since you've been to Paris I may have to pick your brain for some tidbits!

Bridechka said...

I love that your name means dream, thats beautiful!

blushingjoy said...

Chocolate covered grasshoppers?? Man, you're a brave girl!! Oooh, The Luckiest is our song!!

honey my heart said...

love the tidbits :) i also love corgis!!! wish to get one when we find an apt that allows dogs.

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