Because Your Napkin Might Run Away

[Pom napkin ring from Etsy seller Partypom; rose napkin ring from Etsy seller paperplatypus]

Everything is going to be white at the table. White tablecloth, white napkins, white plates. I toyed with the idea of bringing in colorful napkins, having tablecloths sewn, collecting dishware that's vintage and colorful. But I don't think doing any of that will be cost effective or a good use of my time. So I'm looking for new ideas.
I love this idea because it's simple and pretty--napkin rings! Both of these are from Etsy and would definitely dress up a table. The best part about the poms is that they don't have to be assembled! Sweet.


Carly said...

I love those! Simple and sweet. Would be a great little detail to add to your table ensemble.

Carol said...

Those are so cute!

ashley said...

cute! what a great way to add whimsy to the table!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

LOL. Love the title of this post!!!

Kate said...

I love these! thank you for the amazing find!

chicncheap said...

Ahhh, love the napkin rings! I love anything fascinator looking. :)

Bells said...

Cute and simple idea Mo.
Your title made me laugh though - I've jsut been discussing with sister what exactly the point of napkin rings are. My grandmother always used them, ugly old wooden ones, but why?

Mo said...

@Bells: Hahaha...I have a hunch they are completely pointless but dress up the table nicely.
Your grandma sounds more stylish than mine, we had one napkin holder with a bunch of paper napkins. =)

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