My New Crush: Heather Bailey

[Heather Bailey fabrics from top to bottom: Pineapple Brocade-green, Pop Daisy-rose, Rose Bouquet-cream, Sway-cream]

I seem to get momentarily obsessed with different things from week to week. A couple weeks ago, it was shoes. All shoes, 24/7. Kitten heels, gold flats, bows, ruffles, beads. Shoes shoes shoes.
Well, shoes are soooo late August 2009. The past two weeks, it's been fabric, and when I first saw Heather Bailey's website, I knew I was home! The colors are so bright and cheery and perfect for spring/summer.

These are my four favorites. I will probably have to put two sheets of fabric together because they are only 44" wide, and our photo station area is about 7-8 feet. I found two trees we can hang the fabric up, so *phew* no need to construct something to hang the fabric.

Which one do you like?


honey my heart said...

love the bottom design! and fabric is totally great for a photo station!!!

Carolina said...

I concur! #4!

blushingjoy said...

wow... i love the colours!! if i realllly have to choose, i'll go for the 2nd and 3rd i think. hmmm, i don't know. they all look pretty!

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