Isn't It a Little Early for Dreams?

I had a dream. 9 months before the wedding and I'm having wedding nightmares? What kind of dreams will I have 1 month before??

[Side note: I tend to have panicky dreams when I'm anxious. In high school I had this dream about math class, in which I received a 98% on a big test. "Sweet!" I thought. "A 98%, this is great." And then I peered at the tests around me. 4%. 10%. 20%. Man, everyone did really poorly, I wonder how I got a 98? And then the teacher makes this announcement. "I tried something a little different this time, the percentage on your test is the percent you got wrong, I thought it'd be nice to mix the grading system up a little." In real life, I really really really disliked that teacher. Ok back to weddings.]

You might recall that I want the boy and I to walk together down the aisle instead of having my Dad walk down with me. In my dream, that's exactly what we did. His brother walked down with the ring bearer. My sisters walked down with my baby niece. His parents walked down. My parents walked down. And then it was our turn.

[Side note 2: The boy, even though he constantly argues against this, has a history of clumsiness. He's a messy eater. He trips over chairs. He's dropped an entire milk carton at the grocery store and it exploded. He once zipped up my jacket for me and clipped my lip with it. Ok, side note done, I won't continue to ridicule the boy publicly. I love you! *muah*]

As we walked down the aisle, he stepped on my train and it ripped off. In front of all the guests watching us. *RRIIIIIIIP*
(I might have gotten this idea from Mrs. Cookie's ripped dress on Weddingbee. Mental note, bring a lot of safety pins.)

I told him about the dream.
"I am NOT that clumsy! Stop insisting that I am!"
Don't worry, this won't stop me from walking down together. We'll just practice. Many times. And if you're reading this and also attending our wedding and this actually happens, please try not to gasp too loudly.

Anyone else known to have panicky dreams like lil ol me?


Jonezy said...

I had several horrible dreams in the early months of my planning (showing up to the venue with no dress, hair looked like a birds nest lol)--but in the last few months there were none. Don't let them trouble you :)

chicncheap said...

Hello dear, actually can't say that I've had nightmares. Hope you're not stressing out already!

Time to kick back with the boy, some Pinkberry, and take a break! Have a good weekend!

Gaynor said...

Ha ha thats funny! Weird how we dream about totally random things.

I was laughing when I read your post as I had a dream last night too that one of my bridesmaids had scheduled to go away the weekend of my wedding and would only return an hour before the ceremony! No idea what thats about!

One Barefoot Bride said...

Funny dream! I totally get stress dreams, too. I've been having them since we got engaged 8 months ago... In the most common stress dream, I am at the reception and don't know anyone. All the guests - who are apparently friends of my fiance - are older people, dressed in 1800s clothing - like top hats, breeches, buckled shoes, powdered wigs - and they won't talk to me. I wander into the kitchen and ask the caterer if I can hang out with her because she's the only one I know at the wedding. Such a sad dream.

blushingjoy said...

Lol... you make it sound so hillarious!! But if I had the same dreams too, I'll probably be panicky. Just make sure he's careful with your dress on the day. ;)

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

lol. that dream is hilarious. funny b/c whenever i'm stressed in my life, i have the dream where i'm back in highschool and haven't complete a course, and it's the day before the final and i haven't been to class all term. hehe. take a deep breath and maybe a break from the wedding hoopla. maybe a cupcake? ;)

Heather said...

I started having wedding dreams like that a year before my wedding and now it is a week away and I haven't had one in months!

Krista said...

I had similar dreams several months ago. I'll see if I can find them for you to laugh at!

Krista said...

Here it is:

This is talking about when the dreams came back, because I don't think I posted on them when I first had them. At least I can't find a post. But let me assure you, I've been there, and it's normal, and it'll all work out!

Mo said...

Thanks for all the support ladies! It's good to know that they go away.

@Barefoot:ahaahaha. That sounds more like an indie short film than a dream. I think you're on to something.

@TPB: I have many school-related panic dreams, even though I've been out of school for years!

@Krista: Ahhh the late dream! Well I'm reassured that your wedding was a hit and that you did not forget about it. =)

Lily G. said...

uh oh, i'm scared for that too!! ha, funny dream though.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I have panicky dreams just about every night. So don't worry, you're not alone! Oh, and some of htem are about weddings, and I'm not even engaged.

SeriousCraft.com (hyperart) said...

Hahaha, what an interesting thought to have both the bride and groom walk down together. I'd never even considered that.

Have you seen this video? Hope your ceremony isn't right next to the water. ;P


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