Our Wedding Website with Blogger

[The front page: I organized it to have our event information first]

[The "Things To Do: San Diego" page with information about local attractions]

[We figured people would already ask about our registry, so we just decided to include it on the website]

Our wedding website was a huge project that took far longer than I expected. I decided to use blogger so that we could quickly change or add content, and I made a similar banner to our save the dates with our names. Sorry readers, I had to white out our names, but I swear, it looks really cute all joined together!

Since we didn't spend any money on the save the dates, we decided to put some money into the website. I contacted Ellie of Rainy Day Templates to help integrate my banner and side images into a super cute blogger template. She was fantastic, and super, duper quick. She showed me several different options, and I think our email thread was into the 50's by the time I said "yes! polka dots! that's the one!"

I highly recommend contacting her if you're looking for a cute new template for your blog!

As for the content, these are the sections we included:
1. About Us (pictures of us throughout the years, the story of how we met, and a very brief summary of what we do now)
2. Engagement Pictures
3. Event Details (with directions and a link to the venue on Google Maps)
4. Travel and Hotel (hotels in the area, car rental information)
5. Things To Do: San Diego (kayaking! Shamu! panda bears!)
6. Food and Dining: San Diego (yum!)
7. Registry (we finally settled on Crate and Barrel, Target, and Wishpot)
8. FAQs (what should I wear? what will the weather be like? I'm vegan, will there be food for me?)
9. Contact Us

That's all we have for now, but I love how we can quickly add anything--like a picture of our cat with a sign counting down how many days until wedding, or for something more practical, a Google map of our wedding events.

The bad part about blogger?
+ There is no application set up so that guests can easily RSVP online. You also can't use music (which I'm fine with, because I personally don't like music on websites).
Wedding websites from Project Wedding or Offbeat Bride include these features, and so many other cool options!

+For those guests who aren't used to the web, the interface might be confusing.

+This was a semi-DIY project. I had help from Rainy Day Templates, but I created all of the banners and had the "vision" for how I wanted it organized. DIY=lots of time, and for the couple looking for a stylish and quick way to put all of their wedding information up on the web, this would not be the best option.

But the big pro? No one else has this design! It's completely unique to our wedding, and for that I don't mind the fact that I was up until 2 in the morning re-drawing green petals for the banner.


I hope our website is useful for all of our guests planning their trips, and I am so glad that it's been sent out and that I don't have to work on it for a very. long. time.

I gotta prep the cat for that picture first.


landlocked bride said...

Love the site! Great idea using the Blogger template; never thought of that!

Lysandra said...

I love that! Did you pay for a custom URL? I've been slaving away on our site - it's fun but definitely taking longer than I expected!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Blown away. Seriously, where did you have to do this Mo??!!! In your sleep? It's awesome looking. Fresh and inviting. I foresee you receiving lots of compliments on this one.

Mollie D said...

I have a website that you can RSVP online and maybe I have a technologically challenged family, but I encouraged people to RSVP online and exactly one couple did it. I gave up, old-fashioned RSVPs for everyone!

honey my heart said...

once again, so beautiful! and on blogger? you're so creative and talented. if only my website could look as fab.

The Flower Tray said...


Mo said...

Thanks everyone!!

@Lysandra: Nope, we did not use a custom URL. I'd love to see your site when you're done!

@TPB: Wouldn't it be great if you could complete tasks in your sleep??

@Mollie D: One couple?? Oh dear, we were planning to do all electronic RSVP and the good ol' telephone, but maybe we'll rethink that.

Westside Wedding said...

Your website is amazing! So cool!!!! You are so creative!
We are using the project wedding website and this weekend I added an rsvp link by making a google form, I just blogged about it. The pictures showing examples of your wedding site look great, how did you add it to blogger? I couldn't figure it out for my post so took a picture of the screen and uploaded it but it came out terrible.

Wedding Websites said...

The wedding website looks great and I'm sure your names look amazing (minus the whiteout). I think a wedding website is a great idea, especially for individuals who might be budget conscious and want to save some money and reduce their paper trail. It's a great central location for your wedding guests to check for updates/changes to your weddding.

There are a lot of websites online that offer free wedding website templates/hosting. So check those out if you are looking to save some money.

Again, great job! I hope the wedding is/was great.

- mary :)

blushingjoy said...

OMG Mo! Your wedding website and save the dates look seriously amazing!! Twelve styles!! I haven't had the time to do any wedding stuff but can I say again. Wow!!! It all rocks!!

honey my heart said...

i just re-read this post :) have been considering a re-vamping of my blog and considering rainy day designs. i kept thinking of your pretty wedding website for some reason. it makes me want to go for it :)

dede said...

lovely post and your wedding website looks lovely - I know this post went up ages ago, but still wanted to leave a quick 'thank you for inspiring me' message!

Mo said...

@dede and @honey my heart: Glad I could help!!!
xoxo Mo

Benita Wheeler said...

I love the background of the website. i hope your marriage last forver and you get treated like a queen everyday of your life.

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