The Little White Dress

Before I got sucked into Wedding World, I always thought I'd be content wearing a simple white dress with some colored flats and maybe some flowers in my hair. I was even in a store with a friend and there was a short, lace white dress and I grabbed it and said "see, I think I would be fine wearing this to my wedding" and he gave me this "are you serious? This $50 off the rack frock?" look. He's much more conservative...and a better dresser.

Later, after realizing that I wanted to be more dressed up than my guests, I started ditching the simple, short white dress look and entered the Wedding Dress world. But, y'know, for imaginary wedding #2 with the boy in suspenders and a violin player serenading us, I still look at them.

Here are some I found on ModCloth, an adorable online shop my cousin just introduced to me.

All dresses found on ModCloth.


trishiekoh said...

I love that first dress! Though i would probably want to wear a traditional wedding gown when i get married.

Flowers said...

Wow...your dresses looks wonderful. It was nice going through it. keep it up the good work. Cheers :)

chicncheap said...

Love the material on the bonfire dress. Divine!

Ivana | Love Ardently said...

I just found ModCloth yesterday and i was jumping off my chair. They have such a great vintage clothing collection. I love the first dress so much!

honey my heart said...

love the inspiration! i need a dress for the after party :)

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Ooooh. Can't you wear them all? ;) You know be like a 10 dress bride?

Mollie D said...

I love modcloth, I'm addicted to that site

Aire said...

Hi Mo,
Thanks for featuring our dresses on your blog! I think any of these would be a good choice to change into for the reception. :)
<3 Aire

blushingjoy said...

I loveeeee the top half of the first dress. Sooo beautiful!!!!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

That shine of the times dress is stunning! Though I have to say I like the sleeves on the first one.

A Los Angeles Love said...

Dear lord I love these dresses. And I'm with you - although I'm leaning now towards something actually bridey, I still have a hankering for my simple-white-dress-backyard-wedding look too. Sigh. And I want that Chai Latter dress.

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