The Last Owl Cookie

[Berry smoothie a la Mo and owl cookie from TS Cookies]

I'm finally snapping out of PWB (post wedding blues, they're real and they make you mope and look at wedding blogs 24/7 like a sad, sad post bride) and trying to make our apartment less graduate student housing, more home. I took a few steps this weekend to really lock in the idea that the wedding is over.

First, I ate the last owl cookie. I love these owl cookies, as did our guests. We froze two of them for our year anniversary, but we had one just lying around crying out to me..."Mo...the wedding is over...I'm really sugary and I'm starting to get stale..." So I bit its head off. I also made the berry smoothie next to the cookie with our brand new Kitchenaid blender from our registry. Mmmmm.

Second, I busted out some of our registry gifts, including this food processor for pesto pasta and this adorable duvet cover that just immediately brightens the room. We also got new nightstands, and so I went shopping for two lamps to go with the set and ended up ordering poodle lamps.
Yes, you read that correctly. Lamps. In the shapes of poodles.

[Poodle lamps from Urban Outfitters]

We finished our registry purchases at Target and have a new dresser among other goodies on their way!

Third, the thank you cards I made arrived, and so starting tomorrow I'll be sending gratitude all over the country.

Fourth, we booked our tickets to the Studio Ghibli Museum and our last hotel stays in preparation for Japan in a month!!

The wedding is over, but who needs it when you've got poodle lamps and trips to Japan?


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Oooh poodle lamps - love them! Mmm I wouldn't resist the owl cookies either.

BigAppleNosh said...

Haha that poodle lamp is awesome!!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Those poodle lamps make me smile! What a find!! Tell us more about your Japan planning. I'm thinking doing a quick stop in Tokyo at Christmas.

ruthy ann said...

japan?! how cool!

the wedding might be over...but the marriage is just beginning...it gets better and better every day!

Stacey said...

The Orla Kiely plates! Yay!! I love love love Orla Kiely. :)

Mo said...

@The Professional Bridesmaid: Will do!
I'll be bringing a lot of cameras so you'll get a good recap. :)
I hope you get to make it to Tokyo!

@Stacey: Yes, I too love Orla! We have the cups in addition to the plates, and the whole set really brightens up the entire table.

honey my heart said...

poodle lamps, yes! good luck with home decor, i find it a good way to drive away the post wedding blues.

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