Mo+Boy Tie the Knot: Conversations with my mother

My sisters were off to find the boy's tie, and my mother, mother-in-law, and I were quickly off to the venue.

I carefully got into the back seat, and had an uncomfortable realization--wow, it is really hard to breathe in my dress. To make things worse, I didn't want my hair to get messed up, so my upper body was hunched forward, and I was taking really deep breaths whenever I could because breathing normally just wasn't possible. Fun times.

My Mom noticed my weird position and my heaving.

Her: Hey, what are you doing? Why do you sound like that?
[heavy breathing]
Me: I can't really breathe, my dress is too tight. [heavy breathing]
Her: [Mom looking in rearview mirror] Why are you leaning forward?
[Me still keeled over looking at floor]
Me: I don't want my hair to come undone so I am not leaning back.
Mom: [big sigh, shaking head] Aiyah, young girls these days [turns to my mother-in-law] they need everything to be perfect. Me? I made my dress, everything else my mother chose, the church, the restaurant, I just showed up that day, whatever! These days, they need to have fancy dress with their hair done, me? I never cared, just, put on my dress, and ok! I'm ready! [Mother-in-law mumbles in agreement] Eh, so fussy, look, now, pretty dress, but she cannot even breathe on her wedding day---
Me: NOT HELPING THE SITUATION! NOT HELPING THE SITUATION! [deep breath, still keeled over]
[squeals of laughter from front seat]
Her: Aiyah, calm down little girl, [more squeals of laughter] we are almost there!

We got off the freeway, minutes from the venue, and I got a text message from my friend. "We're here, ready to help! Where are you?"

I'm still trying to breathe, 5 minutes away.

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Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Oh Asian moms! The old "Back in my day when I had to study 15 hours a day for school..."

You still looked gorgeous at both weddings and thank goodness the moment passed!

BigAppleNosh said...

Haha, this is hilarious!! (although I'd imagine not so funny while you're experiencing it). Sounds like the type of exchange I would have with my mom. :)

honey my heart said...

great story! i totally understand the way moms can be :)

ruthy ann said...

yes...did she start talking about how she walked a mile in the snow to school too? :)

Mo said...

Glad you can all sympathize!
My Asian mother cracks me up too many times.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

LOLOL. I swear all Asian moms are the same. Thanks for sharing this...made me smile!

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