Mo+Boy Tie the Knot: Four Days Before

[This post officially kicks off my wedding recaps as I believe the photos will be coming within the next weeks (yippee!) Since I have no photos leading up to The Big Day, you'll have to rely on my words and memory. Hope you enjoy reading them! xo Mo]

Four days before the wedding, I was pacing around the garden center at Home Depot. If you follow the blog, you would have noticed I spent very little time talking about flowers. In fact, I think I spent about ten times more energy cupcake tasting and worrying about what I would look like than the flowers. We all have our priorities.

Two weeks before the wedding, I placed a potted plants order at Home Depot. I should have been tipped off by how easy it was to order 90 potted plants, but if I remember correctly, 2 weeks before the wedding anything that supposedly made my life easier was welcomed with open arms. That's all you need from me for my 90 potted plant order? My name and phone number? Sweet. I'll be on my way thankyouverymuch.

Four days before the wedding, I got bad news. They lost my order. It had never been processed. So the 90 potted plants expected on July 1st (in time for our wedding on July 3rd) were not being expected at all because no one processed the request. So there I was, pacing around the garden center for 45 minutes, clutching my cell phone with my sister on the other end, and manically looking at my options. "Our flowers don't have to match do they? What's the worst that can happen, they can't ship them to us, we can just randomly buy pots and stick them on the tables--right? Right?? How do you feel about small trees?"

18 months of planning, and this was what it came down to. Grabbing some plants from the garden center at Home Depot. I needed a DIY Fairy to make it all go away. I needed Martha Stewart.

While I was calculating how much it would cost to buy some succulents for the centerpieces, I got some promising news. The potted flowers I originally ordered could arrive on July 2nd at 8 AM. This would have been good and dandy, but our rehearsal and dim sum lunch was the morning of July 2nd, and I wanted to sleep a little that morning before facing all of our relatives for the first time. But I had no other options.

So I said yes, and called my sister back.

"Hi...how do you feel about potting 90 plants at 8 in the morning?"


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Wow, that's insane and annoying! So you really planted at 8 in the morning?

buhdoop said...

Okay, I love me some dim sum. I can thank my hubby and his friends for introducing me to that!

You go girl for handling the situation :)

Mo said...

We planted at 10 with help. :)
Thank goodness. Otherwise we would have had a bunch of random plants on each table.

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