Vegas in 4 inch heels

[Congratulations Rosanna!]

Dear Jessica Simpson,
I used to watch your short-lived newlywed show with my roommates (they're the cuties above, the glowing bride is wearing the crown!) and we all thought you were hilariously stupid. I honestly would never think to entrust you with anything except to give me a good laugh, but I bought your Jessica pumps for one of my bestest friend's bachelorette party last weekend and I actually managed to walk in them and not kill myself for not one, but two nights in Vegas. And I'm not even talking about sitting around with my feet out of them 90% of the time, I mean actual walking and dancing. The bride-to-be even told me that they made me walk very sexily, and her opinion is gold because this girl knows sexy.
To prove just how much fun I had celebrating, here are some snippets from the weekend. Unfortunately your pumps won't make an appearance at her wedding. I hope you will understand.

[We started off the weekend at The Buffet at the Wynn. As luck would have it, the day before I left I was super sick from some bad pesto. My stomach was doing somersaults, so I didn't eat to my full potential, like I didn't even have any of that gelato up there, ha! The torture! I did manage to eat a crab leg that everyone else was devouring. It was tasty.]

[We washed it down with some Asti.]

[And then we got pretty and Rosanna put her sash and crown on!]

[Our party moved to XS at Encore where Rosanna's FSIL's connection got us a spot right next to the pool! We were able to kick off our shoes and dance in the water, which was like heaven after walking in 100 degree temperatures and walking in heels.]

[After a night of very responsible dancing and laughing, we had brunch at Bouchon. Here is my Croque Madame, which was really good but gave me food coma. Brunch gave us the energy for our pole dancing class later that day!]

[We took a private class at Pole Fitness Studio and it was so much fun but so hard! My hands hurt after because I was gripping the pole for dear life. Sexy, right? It was a great work out and we laughed a lot while getting schooled on being sexxy.]

[And if pole dancing wasn't sexy enough, we went to the Chippendales show after which was quite possibly one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. Seeing one of your nearest dearest get man handled on stage by muscle-rrific men to really cheesy choreography and music? Priceless.]

[Good bye Vegas! We had fun. October 16th (Rosanna's wedding day!) is going to be here before we know it!]



dethbakin said...

Yay, it looks like you had a ton of fun in Vegas!! I have a pair of Jessica Simpson wedges that are surprisingly comfortable too. Glad to hear you liked the pumps as well. Who would have guessed?!

blushingjoy said...

The hen's weekend looks amazing!! The Buchon brunch and Wynn buffet looks delicious!! We have been planning our trip and a lot of forums said they are must eat places!!

Gaynor said...

Looks like you had a fab time; the shoes look great too!

Rosanna said...

That was so much fun!! Thanks Mo!!

Mo said...

@dethbakin: Oooh wedges! I'll have to keep checking out her shoes as I am now a converted JS shoe fan.

@blushingjoy: They are they are! When are you taking your worldwide trip? Is San Diego on the list??

@Gaynor: Thank you Gaynor, we really did! :)

@Rosanna: It was a blast! Can't wait for the wedding!!

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